Tistabene decided to invent FASHIONOSCOPE by merging the words ‘fashion’ and ‘horoscope’ in the process. But what exactly is Fashionoscope and why did we decide to start this?

Knowing that we are a curious lot and in this woke age, what could be better than planning your month in advance with simple fashion and lifestyle tips which are aligned with your monthly horoscope.

Our Fashionoscope lists all the twelve zodiac signs and their predictions for each month of the year. You can read your horoscope and while you are at it, you can also take away some of the fashion and lifestyle tips that we offer along with your horoscopes that is only to boost your confidence and make you feel beautiful inside out. We consider indulging in fashion is therapeutic and while you are achieving your goals in life you can do it with style.

We have spiced up each horoscope with our own personalized style tips. What should you wear? What should you watch? What should you drink? We cover it all. The tone of Fashionoscope is fun and friendly. We do not aim to be psychics by telling you how your month is going to go and what you should do in it to make it successful. We are here only to make predictions and when we do so, we share some of our tried-and- tested style tips. Please note that these tips are not meant to be preachy in any way.  We like sharing good things with our customers here at Tistabene and one good thing about Fashionoscope is that it is ahead of its time. It is modern. It is sassy yet classy. You are free to do whatever you want after you have had a scoop of our Fashionoscope. However, we like to think that our horoscopes are written in a way that really speaks to you and is without any boring horoscope-y language that you would rather not read. We hope that you enjoy what we have in store for you this year. And, we also hope that you take away our fashion and styling tips and put them to good use.