May Fashionoscope – Gemini

Gemini – (May 21 – June 20)

Zodiac pendant Gemini necklace
Gemini pendant

Hey Geminian folks, the ongoing month might have wired and tired you, but this is the time to dust all tiredness. Mars is pushing you awake, get ready for some good things to happen. The Red Planet is there for its bi-annual visit and its presence will surely energize you, wear some cool red colors. Don’t rush for anything as it may result in losses, let things take their time. Welcome all the new thoughts and work on them with zeal. In any case, before you settle on any dicey choices, ponder over them thoroughly before taking any step. When you have a solid, clear “intuition,” make the following action, whatever that might be. Gemini dependably remains constant with development, freshness, and inventiveness.

Sun has entered in your zodiac and is on its path, so put the past behind and channel all your vitality into the individual interests that light up your spirit. Let your dress sense speak for your attitude, go for peach-orange shaded kurti and palazzo set, and compliment them with some elegant jewellery. Heading towards your carrier and financials, hold your ideas and professional suggestion till May 25th, this is the day when Mercury and Sun will gather in your house and their presence will help you.
Mars has entered into your sin so you’ll start feeling self-determination, and sense of independence. Let that come across through your style, wear power suits and clothes with sharp cuts in fiery colors like red, peach, yellow and orange.

Venus coupled with Mars has entered Gemini sign to bring more fun, connect with your pals and move around in different social groups and meet new people. Indulge in some social events or get-togethers to bring on your A game in style. Let your clothes and accessories exude fun and frolic. Wear loose silhouettes like kurti dress with tassel earrings or colored stone earrings. Pearl and White Sapphire are Gemini’s gemstones along with Agate, Citrine, Chrysoprase moonstone.

Matching Citrine Jewelery with sunny shades will help you mark your presence. Prefer Red shades and Yellow color in your sartorial choices. Play with pleasant colors this month and carry high confidence with your high heels.


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