May Fashionoscope – Taurus!

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Taurus (Apr 20th-May 21st) 

They are known to stand out of the crowd, they are the fashion enthusiast and know what to wear and how to wear and when to wear. Their sense of choosing fashion accessories and apparels are simply fashion forward. 2019 is carrying many opportunities for you, dazzle yourself and embrace your personality with cool and comfy clothes. One important thing Taurus, the month is not appropriate for speaking bluntly and openly. Conscious Saturn is in the house (9th), opt some athleisure options which will keep you relaxed yet active to work with full dedication perseverance. Try to talk sensibly with the proper mindset, there might come times when your opinion is correct but still, people are will not listen to you.

The reason behind this would be your extrovert nature or way of speaking. They say that you should dress like what you want to become, so be a go-getter and dress like one. Taurus, the month is quite fine and there will be a money-making opportunity, just don’t lose your cool. Try to cope up the Saturny sunlight by wearing some peach and mauve to light blue and light pink colored clothes. A shirt or long skirt will do, and complement them with some jewelry carrying stones in a yellow hue, be it topaz or amber. You are an earth sign, so try to carry earthly shades and colors in your daily wardrobe. Tistabene’s Fashionoscope also predicts that you will meet someone special in the third week of May.

Let your sense of vogue support your dressing. Emerald will be your gem, so try to wear it on many occasion as possible; it is a versatile stone that goes very well with most of the ethnic as well as western outfits.


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