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The perfect vacation bling can only be accomplished with the help of some light, trendy, and moody jewellery or a combination of all with the Stunning Funky Jewellery. These accessories are cool, quirky and carefree to be able to become an apt pair for your travelling days. Besides, it makes no sense to even leave them behind because what’s the fun without some intriguing colors in life.

So, when you’re preparing your checklist of all your essentials, like:

Clothes       ✅
Shoes          ✅
Sunscreen  ✅
Cosmetics  ✅
Sunglasses ✅

Accessories – Wait, don’t hurry up just yet.

Because we have some crazy funky jewellery collection waiting for you. Check it out first to make up your mind what you will eventually be carrying along:

1. The Hand Woven Bracelet

Funky Jewellery Online
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The coin charms have been one of the most affectionate patterns to adorn, be it in the form of necklace, earrings or bracelet. This pattern looks stunning with both your routine outfits as well as the travel days. This hand woven bracelet offered by Tistabene acts as perfect funky jewellery online, due to the different sized red and white colorful stones that are put together in the white thread.

2. The Raw Stone Dangler Earring

Funky Jewellery Online India
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When one wishes to come up with a funky look, it usually comes with different patterns of stones and threads. If it is one of those days when you wish to get into the skin of funky mood, this multicolored raw stone featuring blue enamel work over yellow gold plating will just meet your purpose.

3. The Western Colored Dangler Earring

Funky Jewellery
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A party that requires you to balance the look between funky and sassy can only be managed with a piece such as this contemporary designed yellow gold plated and alloy crafted earring. The turquoise studded earring online is, therefore, a stupendous choice that can upgrade your look on a variety of occasions.

4. The Contemporary Necklace Set

Funky Jewellery
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What else could top the race to be a charmer other than the contemporary yellow gold plated necklace set that has beads of blue and pink for a befitting look. The style and design both come together to give you a surprisingly cool funky look.

5. The Big Bold Necklace Set

Funky Jewellery Online Shopping
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The Funky Fashion Jewellery Online India available on Tistabene – online jewellery shopping portal seek inspiration from the various facets of Nature. This particular orange stone beaded necklace seeks inspiration from the Sun and thus, showcases a rare combination of orange and gold. The funky look created with golden textured work on the orange beads along with pearls and yellow gold plated chains clearly help you narrow down your selection.

Thus, with these five stunning funky pieces to flaunt, prep up to slay the upcoming party/holidays.

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