Enjoy Monsoon with these 4 Practical Fashion Accessories

Imagine this: It is raining right now, and you have somewhere to go. In your head, you are trying to envision an outfit that will not only look cute on you but will also save you from the brunt of the raindrops. No outfit is complete without practical monsoon fashion accessories specially in this unpredictable weather.

Tistabene is here to suggest some monsoon fashion accessories. Why ? because First, we are just delighted to be getting a rest from all that heat, and this really annoying thing called the ‘Sun.’

And secondly, because Tistabene is an online fashion jewelry store from India that not only sells men’s and women’s fashion jewelry online but it also extends forward fashion tips whenever it can. And, this time, it has come up with 4 reasonable fashion accessories that will glam up your outfits for this Monsoon!

1. PVC Bags

Fashion does not always have to be flashy and over-the-top. It can also be practical and efficient and, this is why we suggest carrying either a PVC bag or a transparent bag when it is raining cats and dogs. The materials of these bags are water-resistant and will keep all your belongings dry and…NOT moist!

Another perk of using a nylon bag is that it is available in a wide array of colors and can be paired with any outfit. Sure, it will not look as glamorous as a crossbody bag or a large purse, but it will keep you sorted when you go out in the rain. A nylon bag can be easily slung over your shoulder, and you can go off into a rainy day to conquer the world!

2. Jelly Flats

Ugh, not the name you were expecting? Okay, don’t feel put off by the name but these are trendy footwear that everyone from fashion influencers to big brands recommends in the monsoon season.

Let us explain these flats to you. They are flat (duh), but their design is somewhat see-through and Jali-like. We speculate that this is where their name came from. Jali and Jelly, anyone? Anyway, these are comfortable because your feet have the option to breathe in them. And the biggest pro of wearing these is that you can step into muddy puddles (accidentally or intentionally) and not feel icky on the inside.

This footwear will dry off quickly, and it is not even that pricy. And, the best part is that a pair of black jelly flats will go with any outfit and make you puddle-resistant at the same time. They also come in a transparent design, and the last thing we are going to say about these is that their more obsolete name is ‘Jelly Bellies.’ Good luck living with that fact.

3. Something Blue

To honor rain, Monsoon and everything associated with it, accessorize yourself with blue color. It may remotely resemble the transparent raindrops that fall out of the sky, and it will still contribute to the fashion world and earn you the title of a ‘Bona Fide Fashionista’ in the process.

On days where the sun does not come out, it is wise to experiment with lightweight jewelry. So, anything blue that is floaty and stylish at falls in line with the spirits of the rain.

Blue Beads dangler earrings fashion accessories
Blue Beads waterfall Dangler earrings

This fashion choice is also realistic because, in humid weather, one must not burden themselves with jewelry that is heavy and uncomfortably rubs against their skin.

So, if you were to pair a blue beaded single strand necklace and blue bead drops earrings with a short yellow dress, it would definitely look fantastic and monsoon-friendly!

4. It starts with a ‘U’ and ends with an ‘A.’

What’s the most essential monsoon fashion accessory? An umbrella, of course. But some of us never put it in the category of “fashionable” because it has started to look like a basic necessity to us and not something that has the potential to set a style statement. But did you know that vibrant colored umbrellas are very in, currently?

Yes, you really have a choice here because you no longer have to buy a boring black umbrella that gets mixed up with other boring black umbrellas. You can go for salmon orange or lime this time. You can make your entire outfit spring out if you choose different colors for your umbrellas.

Or, if you are really feeling bold, you can go for an umbrella with a quirky phrase printed on it. It could be something like-“Rain, rain go away.” or a transparent one would also suit all your outfits and make for a beautiful Instagram picture. There are a lot of options in Umberallas these days, which make any gloomy day colorful.

Picking outfits for work or otherwise is already hard. It can become harder when there is a threat of getting wet. So, this was Tistabene’s list of 4 practical fashion accessories that you can add to your wardrobe. So that you are not only eligible to battle the rains but also look stylish in them.


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