How much have friendship bands changed over time?

They are colorful. They are urbane. And, they look great on your wrist. Yup, the allure of friendship bands will never dissipate because they are not just decorative threads that come in a plethora of colors, but they also symbolize all kinds of friendships-new, old, thriving, long-lasting, childhood, etc.
Types of friendships call for different types of friendship bands. But how have they evolved? Tistabene is here to investigate and dutifully record its findings for you.
The history of friendship bracelets is not difficult to trace. It is a very open and interesting lineage. Online records have established that friendship bands originated in Central America around the 1970s. Back then, they were crafted using the textile-making form of weaving and knotting. The process of tying decorative knots into beautiful patterns is known as Macramé.
Most friendship bands are based on the half-hitch knot. But there are many other types of friendship bands as well. Some of them are a double chain knot (they require two strings) and a candy stripe (the number of strings in it can range from 3-40!), etc.
Knot-tying was also prevalent among 13th century Arabs which then spread to France and Italy. Even China has a distinguished history of knot-tying. People there did it for decoration on clothes.
When bracelets made their debut in the ’70s, they were also worn by hippies because it added another layer of eccentricity and excitement to their outfits.
Some of the most common patterns of friendship bands online include the chevron, broken ladder, totem pole, and diamond. They are beautifully significant handmade threads that symbolize a deep and sacred bond between two friends.
Did you know that it is a Native American tradition to wear the friendship bracelet until it falls off on its own? If you take it off before that, this will covertly mean that your friendship with your friend has ended. Of course, it is the millennial age. And, for a woke generation like us, it is not so easy to let go of friendships so easy. Apart from the booming pop-culture and sending regular memes to your BFFs, we should also remember not to lose the touch of actual human emotions.

Don’t we also have something called the ‘Enemy Day’ in which we buy a friendship band online that is nothing but a black string? And, we buy this friendship band online, intending to tie it on the wrist of the friend who is not a friend anymore? Alas, you know what happens in the end. We don’t do it, and this ‘Enemy Day’ tradition becomes something only to chuckle over.
Despite all this drama, friendship bands hold a special place in our hearts. Our best friends could have bought them for so many reasons; one of them could be it would look pretty on our wrists. Or they may have wanted to solidify the friendship by offering physical and inanimate evidence that would remind us of them and what our friendship means to them.
Now, it is your job to decide WHICH friendship band will be worthy enough to grace your best friend’s wrist. You must also think properly about WHOM do you want to give the bracelet. The only condition is that they be the Max to your Eleven or the Joey to your Chandler.
An unspoken rule about choosing the perfect friendship bracelet for your best friend is to keep in mind their individualistic personalities. Whether this friendship band online will resonate with them or not.
This idea of types of friends is what Tistabene thought of when it was trying to come up with friendship bracelets and pendants for women. It wanted to think out of the box a little bit and voila! What came out of the creative process were cute friendship buzzwords such as ‘Bondhu,’(A friend in Bengali) ‘Foodie Friend,’ ‘Kitabi Keeda,’ etc. You can have a look here if you want.

Friendship Bracelet for woman
Friendship Bracelet- ‘FOODIE FRIEND’

Tistabene not only likes to revive old memories like that of the friendship bands, but it also loves when the customers relate to the emotion and make us part of their cherished moments.
So, what are you waiting for! Fashion jewellery online shopping will be fun with Tistabene and make your day with your best friend unforgettable.


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