Impact of Coronavirus on the World of Fashion

The Coronavirus fear is real, as it affects our life 360 degrees.

Are face masks going to become the new chic?

When Italy was first hit by a virus that sounds like it was named after a famous beer, everyone was not as worried. However, when the number of people infected sporadically increased to a frightening 200 in mid-February, people scrambled to make sense of the situation.

Milan, Italy, is known to be the fashion capital. Year-round, reporters, Instagram influencers, models, and magazine editors fly in and out of the metropolis.

That may change this year. 

New York Times has reported that at the penultimate show of Paris Fashion Week, roughly 20 to 30 percent of media guests had canceled due to the threat of the Coronavirus. 

Fashion weeks in Shanghai, Beijing, and Tokyo have also been definitively canceled. 

Perhaps, cheek-kiss greetings and firm handshakes at fashion shows will now be replaced by unacknowledged hand waves and misfired air-kisses. Instead of sleek champagne flutes, small bottles of sanitizers will be passed around. 

Fashion executives and buyers will have no choice but to work from home, which is not always feasible as home environments may not provide the same work vibe. And the creatures of old habit may find that video-calls are practically useless. 

As the stock market has also been severely impacted, and our economy suffers a little more every day, luxury-brand houses and common retailers will also feel the brunt of this infection.

More fashion shows may be canceled altogether as a consequence of avoiding crowded gatherings. The US president also announced a state of emergency which led to shut down of many retail outlets across America. There is also a seizure of online-orders by many popular brands.

Consequently, the fact that staying in proximity to people who are sick or are repeatedly sneezing and coughing could prove to be detrimental for those around them. 

Even India is booked to have many fashion events as it does annually. It includes many ramp-based shows such as Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week (LMIFW), which was to take place from 11th March to 15th March but has now been postponed. 

The outbreak of this fatal virus will make us take a step back and rethink the future of the fashion show. Will it have to be completely digitalized now? 

While online shopping of clothes and artificial jewellery should be perfectly harmless, the common public will be clueless as to where to flaunt their new goods if their mobility and social gatherings are restricted. 

The retailers and wholesalers will also become more reluctant to debut new products, making their business turn stale and stagnant.

Of course, all of this is speculation. Because the optimist within us says that Coronavirus will not be around for long as it is not heat-resistant at all. 

Nevertheless, pandemic as this one makes us reevaluate the future of fashion that prospers after interacting with people and marketing products that reach thousands of people at once. 

The outbreak will also bother new, young, and creative designers who had hoped to start in 2020. Surely, they will have cash-flow problems and more time to feel dejected after seeing fewer crowds in marketplaces and stores.

Influential personalities like Anna Wintour have proclaimed that they will stand by the side of such up-and-coming designers. 

The luxury-brand houses and independent brands that import samples and products from Chinese factories may also be left staring at a wall since there is no sign of these factories reopening, and the workers there resuming work anytime soon. 

It will lead to tons of incomplete orders and logistical delays, something the fast-paced fashion world tries to avoid at all costs.

It is the uncertainty that is intimidating. How long the situation will last, no one knows. 

Therefore, for the time being, don’t panic, wash your hands for at least twenty seconds. We are hoping the rising temperature will eliminate the Coronavirus until then stay inside and go through our 6 web-series that every fashionista must-watch and keep doing fashion jewellery online shopping & Tistabene will contribute 100 Rs from your prepaid purchase to Prime Minister Relief Fund.


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