Jewellery Essentials While Travelling

Travelling is something that brings power, passion and love in your life. It teaches you an extraordinary way of living life, transforms you into a better person than you already are, and makes you stronger. Travelling is love, life and so much more.

Now that December has swept in, it is time to plan a quintessential journey to some place new. Be it a 2-day plan or a week long, you must bid a good-bye to 2017 with some more fond memories. So, if you’re one of those who has already planned, then here are a few accessories that you must carry along:

Ditch the watch, go with Bracelet

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Don’t you think, watches have overpowered every hand accessory and now it also has become monotonous. Some change in life and in accessory is always fun. How about you add these trendy bracelets available in such charming colors with fresh feel and look.

Old silver because they are light and smart

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While travelling, accessories should be light and easy to carry. When comes to earrings, it must feel weightless, otherwise carrying it for the whole daylong would be troublesome for you. We recommend you to go with old silver, as they look spectacular on every type of costume- from shirts to dresses.

Pendants to forever flaunt

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Pendant can be worn at anytime and everytime. However, the thing that distinguishes one pendant from the other is its complexity and bling. While an occasion like travelling demands something simple and funky, parties require the specially ornamented items.

Rings be the best friends

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Trendy rose gold plated rings or beautiful colorful raw stones rings, everything just bounces your look multiple times. It is completely upto your choice.

Get ready girls, it’s time to pack up some gorgeous baubles to mark the end to sparkling 2017 with a tinkling tour!


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