Know the Secrets Behind the Christmas Festival

Christmas is an exciting time of the year where friends and families come together to share laughter, food, drinks, joy, and all the moments missed. The day is all about love, probably that’s why the Red color overpowers this season!

Hark how the bells, sweet silver bells;

All seem to say,throw cares away.

Christmas is here, bringing good cheer;

To young and old, meek and the bold,

Ding dong ding..that is their song

With joyful ring, all caroling

One seems to hear, words of good cheer

From everywhere..

Filling the air!

But is Red really a depiction of love or there is a story behind it too?

Ever had the curiosity to know what this red theme is all about? What is the story of Santa Claus? Why is there a Christmas tree?

We all know the reason behind celebrating Christmas,which is to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. But there are many other things about the festival which one should know.

We have put together all the information to pique your curiosity:

Santa Claus- Fact or Fiction

You must have heard people saying Christmas is all about Santa Claus. But is he for real? Well, yes! Once upon a time, there was a wealthy Bishop named St. Nicholas who was very generous and traveled the country aiding people particularly children by giving those gifts and presents. He wanted his charity to be a secret, hence, delivered gifts at late night. For this reason, till date, people tell stories of him to their children and ask to sleep early as Santa would come and give them the gifts.

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Christmas Tree History

Why are homes decorated with evergreen trees on Xmas?The ritual of bringing a tree and decorating it came after Saint Boniface asked to cut down the “great oak of Jupiter,” a tree worshiped by pagan Teutons in Germany. Legend has it that a small fir tree bounced up in its place. Boniface then announced publicly that this tree was the tree of life and symbolized Christ.

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 The Poinsettia- a Christmas Star

Poinsettia flowers are the most popular Christmas decorations all around but ever imagined why only Poinsettia? There was this girl named Pepita collected some wild weeds to gift to baby Jesus but the weed blossomed into beautiful flowers. Since then they are known as flowers of the holy night and are considered significant in the celebration of Christmas.

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The Red Theme

Red is the theme everywhere on Xmas sincered symbolizes Jesus Christ’s blood and death. This was one reason why people started adding red berries to their green holly wreath. The Red color also symbolizes Christ’s teaching us the art of unconditional love.

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And with this, we wish you all a Merry Christmas!!


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