Latest Mangalsutra Designs For Pretty Ladies in a Wedlock

Different cultures bind people in sacred marriage through different customs such as by exchanging the rings in the Western countries and groom tying a Mangalsutra in the bride’s neck in Indian culture. All the rituals signifying the same thing- union of the two.

In India, as we all know that ‘Mangal’ means auspicious and ‘Sutra’ means thread or cord, therefore, the word Mangalsutra comes together to denote an auspicious thread that is tied around the neck of a bride by the groom in Hindu marriage rituals. The two black beads’ strings denote the Shiva and Shakti Principles: Shiva in the form of doer and the Shakti herself giving strength to the action. This result is depicted in the form of cups, which serves as a golden link between the two strings of the mangalsutra.

The concept of Mangalsutra is thought to have initiated in South India, where it is commonly known as thali or thaaly or maangalyam and in other parts of the country, it is recognized by names such as Dijhor, Dejhooor in Kashmir, Vati in Maharashtra etc. However, its implication remains the same.

So, come let us make you fall in love with this beautiful India Jewellery Online, all set to mesmerize you with the gorgeous latest Mangalsutra designs.

Short Mangalsutra Designs

short mangalsutra designs
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Mangalsutra is an essential jewellery piece that every married woman possesses. At Tistabene, we have impeccable patterns for mangalsutra online. In short mangalsutra designs, we have a number of products including the two-tone plated floral tanmaniya with matching earrings embellished with CZ stones and crafted in alloy. So, don’t not settle with anything less, after all, mangalsutra is the pride of a married woman.

Modern Mangalsutra Designs

modern mangalsutra designs
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Gold plated mangalsutra is a thing of past, now explore all new Rhodium plated Modern Mangalsutra Designs that are up and ready to be put up around your neck. The design of this piece is unique and the best part is that it can be easily paired with any of your sari.

Latest Mangalsutra Designs

Latest Mangalsutra designs
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This collection of all our latest mangalsutra designs is grabbing everyone’s eye because of how beautifully each piece is designed, keeping close attention to the details and maintaining the intricacies that every individual piece requires. What’s unique about this particular piece is that it is crafted in metal with fancy shaped white stones for brightness to your neckline and hand woven with black stones in golden wire for a traditional look.

Not only are these Mangalsutra stunning in design but they also come at economic price. So, grab them before the stock runs out.



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