Look Lovelier With The Harmony of Green Color

As we move towards marking an end to what’s remaining of 2017, there can be no better way to gleefully welcome the New Year than an equally wonderful and signifier of renewal- The Green Color. Not many of us know that this color known to be a symbol of life, growth, fertility, and renewal, and with the onset of another New Year, which color would make a better choice than our beloved Green.

Here are few of the most favorite shopping choices listed for you:

Dressing up all Traditional

Contemporary Green Enamelled Smart Cocktail RingClick on Image to Buy Now

This nicely enameled ring with such smart looks would surely make a great pair with your black dress. Afterall, contrasting shades hold on to each other way better than monochromes.

For a woman with unique choice

Contemporary Green Enamelled Designer Necklace SetClick on Image to Buy Now

What if jewellery was made in such a way that it could be worn with different kinds of attires- be it Indian or Western. This necklace set is an absolute epitome of such a blend, which would look stunning without your Western outfit and would multiply the elegance multifold when worn with an Indian outfit.

Straight from King’s Landing

Green Enamelled Traditonal JhumkiClick on Image to Buy Now

Different people, different choices and equally different ornaments provided by Tistabene. For those who like to keep it minimal with a touch of classiness and flamboyance in their jewels, these stunning green enameled traditional jhumki will make a perfect pair of earrings for them.

The ravishing green

Floral Emboss Polki Green Enamelled Cocktail RingClick on Image to Buy Now

When a cocktail ring is as regal as this, there is absolutely nobody who can stay without appreciating you for your stunning selection in jewels. This ring can be complimented with any kind of attire that feels and looks the most suitable to you.

So, we say that you must select one of these gorgeous greens to add it to your blossoming garden of sparkling jewels.


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