5 Men’s Accessory Essentials To Rock like a Boss

Accessories are tricky things to master, especially when you have to maintain professional appearance. The key to nail your look lies not in using multiple accessories at once, but in carrying the most appropriate ones as per the look. Especially since we’ve come a long way when gentlemen walked around with top hats and ceremonial swords, nowadays there are only a few key pieces that you need on a day-to-day basis to complete your outfits.

There are many accessories ranging from your rings, to cufflinks, your watch, jewelry that can amp up your style as long as you wear them right. Not only is the selection of these different forms of jewellery important, but you should know how and when to wear the right one. Because remember, there is only a thin line between confident look and a loud look!

While there are umpteen outfits that may best fit your purpose and interests, selecting the best matching accessories can become trickier sometimes. So, here we are decoding how you can best accessorize your professional/formal look to appear suave and stylish!


Watches can do much more to your formal appearance than just tell time. A watch can subtly add class to a man’s wardrobe and at the same time, compliment the formal look. The best watches for formal purposes are the simpler ones. Pick a watch with twelve numbers, three hands, plain face and fine strap to boost an already nice outfit!

Men’s Bracelet

As a man of style, it’s ok to push the fashion boundaries a bit. You can wear bracelets with formal attire as well, only if kept minimal. Go for a hand bracelet that is subtle in design, uniform in pattern and definitely not loud enough to take off the sincerity of your wardrobe. Don’t go off the board by accessorizing too many bracelets in one go.

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Men’s Cufflinks

For business French cuffs, cufflinks aren’t just an accessory, but a necessity. The cufflinks nowadays are available in different shapes, styles and colors that you can aptly add to your suit to power up the style. Since the cufflinks are mainly worn for formal occasions, make sure to pair them up wisely as per the requirements of the suit.

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Men’s Pendant Chains

Similar to the bracelets, you can extend the fashion limits for your wardrobe by going for chains with your suit. Wearing chains is more suitable when you don’t have to wear a tie and can unbutton the top button. Chains are usually considered to accentuate the look and often add a smart masculine touch to your personality. Alternatively, you can also wear such an iconic men’s pendant under the jacket but over the high-neck shirt. You can shop this look from our portal where we offer various modern designs in men’s chains!


Belts are important! Whether or not, your pants are slipping down the waist, the fact that you must have a belt around is excruciatingly important to understand. Belts also have to be coordinated with the color of the shoes. From a professional outlook, carry a belt that matches closely with the shoe color. Also, make sure that your belt doesn’t have an awkwardly giant sized buckle.

So, by now you must have realized why good accessory is more than just an extra element to your outfit. Get ready to shop some chic accessories from Tistabene to match up with different looks.


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