A Massive Announcement Is On Its Way!

Hey, do you like surprises? Of course you do, who doesn’t?

Well then, it is time to hold your horses tighter because Tistabene has a big happy announcement to make.

The entire team at Tistabene has been working on something incredible from past few months, something that would make our online jewellery shopping portal the one-stop platform for your artificial jewellery requirements. This one step would not only complete us as the brand and it would bring in a joyful list of “things” for our customers to look forward to.

There’s so much unimaginably incredible clustered in this sweet surprise box for you. But, it’s only a matter of few more days until we unlock the chamber of this secret in front of you all. It’s so exciting that we cannot stay calm anymore.

Well, before we make this announcement, we would like you all to know that you all are a vital part of Tistabene and the unsung heroes of our achievements, which we could accomplish only because of our family of valuable customers and the dedicated team at Tistabene. With these two being our constant motivating factors, we look forward to achieving many more successes in the future, one of which is waiting right ahead of us!

Thank you for believing in us and showing your constant love, support and motivation at each step of success in the journey of our ‘becoming’.

We wish you stay together with us in the further achievements to come, including this one already in the pipeline.

Stay calm and stay tuned to get more updates on the same!


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