Metallic is the New Black- Hottest Hue in Trend!

Ever since metallic has been announced as the new black, people have started looking for ways to incorporate that luxe metallic into their wardrobe. Usually, we associate metallic with silver and gold, but when one takes a deeper dive into the ocean of colors that fall under metallic, one definitely gets a sweet surprise as there are shades like copper, bronze, and pewter to make you look ultra-sophisticated.

There are so many fun ways to introduce a dash of metallic shine to your outfits, from hair accessories, gauzy metallic wraps, sequined evening bags, and the possibilities are endless. The shimmer of such accessories will help you sparkle and glow all day long. But before picking up any metallic shade, it is important to understand what settles best with your skin tone and personality. For instance, if you’ve got naturally lighter skin, go for silver and if you’ve got darker skin, then gold will look phenomenal on you.

Most of us find experimenting with metallic hues challenging and tricky, which is why we have combined some tips and tricks to ease it up for you.

Below are a few suggestions on the same:


From casual to evening style, metallic accessories will add the luxury and elegance that your dresses require. The trick to nailing metallic jewellery is to never overload it, so don’t pair a big necklace and earrings at the same time.

However, you can definitely accommodate different patterns like a stacked ring with metallic top and jeans, dangler earring with a metallic skirt and high neck sweater, plated bracelet with a shimmery gown and metallic saree with heart shaped pendant for different looks.

A quick tip: Do not combine your metallic accessories with bright dresses.

Shoes/ Heels

Another great way to add a metallic accent to attire is with the aid of shoes. The tidiest thing about a silver or gold shoe is that it works as a neutral style than a dull one. You can amp up even a casual dress with silver shoes, knee-length silver boots or spice up that little dress with shimmery sandals. It is best to combine these metallic shoes with neutral colors.

Eye Shadow

A great way to accentuate your eyes is by using a metallic color shadow. Some of the popular metallic shades comprise chic silver, deep gold, gleaming bronze, royal blue, sea green, and gray hues.

Stop worrying about how it will look on you because these colors usually suit everyone. If it still scares you, then go with smoky eyes and simply highlight it with the metallic shades.

Try sets and compacts presenting a few complimentary colors of metallic shades that you can mix and match for the desired appearance.


If you wish to shine and sparkle, then you’ve got to try this shade. In this color, you can try different styles like you can either wear a high-waist golden color skirt or v-neck dress in shiny silver metallic color with glossy and chic pumps. To some, wearing a metallic outfit may seem adventurous and tricky, but if you pair it with neutral shades like black and brown, then it would only seem subtle and elegant.

So, be it anything, the shoes, the jewellery, the outfit or the makeup, metallic is in everywhere. These were some of the ideas on how you can rock and roll any occasion.

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