Must-Have Diwali Jewellery Inspired by Celebrities

It’s no secret that Bollywood celebrities celebrate every festival to its core. So, it should come as no surprise that B-Town Beauties will be ready to rock Diwali 2019 as well. Who knows? They are prepping for their final day looks as we speak.

Enough about the elite, what about you? By now, you should have at least a vague idea about what Diwali jewellery you will wear and with what outfit. If not, then fear not, because Tistabene is here to take a deeper look into the glamorous dairies of Diwali jewellery and style journals of Bollywood actresses.

Our brief list should enable you to think of your ideas for Diwali. And then, you will be able to sift through your own Diwali jewellery collection confidently and decisively!

  1. Heavy Neck Pieces

Oh, how they glitter. The idea of wearing a heavy artificial necklace on a happening occasion such as Diwali might sound ridiculous, but hey! One should never be afraid to try out new things when it comes to fashion.

The point of wearing a heavy necklace is that if you wear it, you don’t have to invest in an equally heavy outfit. Let the spectator’s eye wander, but don’t let it get distracted by TOO much bling on you.

Image Source- Instagram

For example, here, Deepika Padukone can be seen wearing Raw Mango’s striped golden Sari with her hair pushed back into a neat ponytail. You appreciate the Sari, but then your eyes zoom in on that neckpiece. It’s meant to look beautiful and receive more attention than her sober and elegant Sari.

So, if you haven’t done so already, look for that golden Sari you have been abandoning because you thought the color was “too bright.” Diwali is the right time to wear it and to pair it with a heavy necklace from our Diwali jewellery collection.

Designer Pearls Enameled Necklace Set


  1. Maang Tikkas

When it comes to Diwali special jewellery, head jewellery should be duly mentioned. And if we are really talking about heads, dare we mention Gajras? Many actresses are spotted wearing those on their heads during Diwali and festive occasions.

Head accessories like women’s borla maang tikka have a power like no other. If you have a prominent forehead or if you just want to welcome some change into your Diwali ensembles. Then go for rajasthani maang tikka online, matha patti set for Diwali.

Image Source: Instagram

Sonam Kapoor here can be seen wearing a Borla style Maang Tikka. We are not saying that you should dress up like her from head to toe. But a Gajra in your hair and a Maang Tikka on your forehead will make for many pretty Instagram selfies and label you as a dynamic fashion icon. Even for earrings, you don’t have to wear anything heavy. Just go for the one that has the same theme of design as your Maang Tikka.

Traditional Kundan Meena Borla Maang Tikka
Traditional Kundan Meena Borla Maang Tikka
  1. Chandbali Earrings 

One thing is for sure. You will look like a diva if you choose Chandbali earrings as your Diwali special jewellery. They are a pair of radiant crescent moons set within each other. They can be studded with diamonds or pearls too.

Diwali Jewellery Tistabene Alia Bhatt
Image Source: Instagram
Diwali Jewellery Chandbali
Traditional Kundan Meena Chandbali Earring

One Bollywood actress who has been known to wear Chandbali earrings with almost every one of her ethnic outfit is one and only Alia Bhatt. She has stolen our heart every time she has worn such earrings with a Sari. These earrings seem to add so much poise and elegance to her overall personality. She looks like a princess out and about.

You can look the same. The gist is that if you want your Diwali Chandbali earrings to be the star of the show, tie your hair in a bun and let such earrings for Diwali do all the work.

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