Must-Watch Fashion Movies for all the Shopping Lovers

The world of fashion is so vast that to keep a constant track of what’s trending is absolutely no cakewalk. However, staying fashionable with up-to-the-minute clothing and complimentary jewellery is also vital.So, how can you stay in touch with friends while making the most of your time?

It is undoubtedly through Movies!

Ever since the movies hit the screens, they are continuing to be a driving force in the world of fashion. So, it is obvious that whatever is trending has some level of influences in the movies also.

Below are a few of the fashionable movies which have broadly given us a reason to be a part of the fashion parade:

Confessions of a Shopaholic–

This movie is a rom-com with Rebecca, as the main lead who is seen giving some major fashion goals with an eclectic mix of fashion, accessories and vintage pieces. She does not hesitate in taking a fashion risk and her clothes are all about layering lots of bright colors and bold fabrics altogether. If you also want to try those bold outfits like hers, then you can take tips from this movie. Crinkled green scarf is the iconic item that Rebecca wears in the movie earned her this name, ‘Girl in the Green Scarf’.


If any Bollywood movie that has set a benchmark in terms of fashion, it is none other than Aisha. From Manish Arora, Anamika Khanna to Chanel and Ralph Lauren, every bit of costume, every minor accessory and tone of color has been carefully coordinated. Aisha and her friends will leave you gushing with joy as they balance the bizarre with beautiful. If you are a girl who is disliked for her fashion choices, then this movie will boost your confidence wherein Aisha is grooming her daft and dowdy friend and reminding her that every girl is beautiful.

Veere Di Wedding-

This movie revolves around four women who are fabulously dressed and styled in every frame be it partying, wedding or just having a good time. Girls looking for fashion choices in this wedding season should definitely take tips from this movie since it has the collection of best dresses for the bride and her bridesmaids.

Student of the Year-

Who can forget the entry of Alia Bhatt as Shanaya Singhania, a wide-eyed high-profile campus diva carrying all brands clothes, accessories, and footwear with so much swagger and confidence? No one, right. She is seen giving some major fashion goals,especially to school and college going girls. If you are willing to replicate her style, then you will have to watch SOTY closely.

Devil Wears Prada-

This is a perfect movie giving us some great fashion lessons with a touch of self-awareness. It is a must-watch for working women who wish to slay in the formal attire. Upon Miranda’s order, Andy decides to impress her boss by becoming stylish, and beautiful, however, gradually disconnecting from closed ones. This movie gives a lesson that to be successful one should not compromise spending time with family members and friends.

These are some of the movies that you’d love to watch for its impeccable fashion choices.

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