November Fashionoscope- Cancer

Zodiac Pendant cancer necklace
The Cancer 18 K Gold Plated Pendant

CANCER (June 22 to July 22)

Your mental health matters more than you know. And what also matters is the mental health of your loved ones. Are they in a pleasant headspace? Or are they struggling? Do they feel ready to get out of bed in the mornings or not? Ask these questions to your loved ones and be around them a little more. A leave or two from your office should suffice and bring your family closer, even if they thought they did not need it. 

A majority of 2019 was spent being neck-deep in work, but take some time to sort out the emotional affairs that need sorting. 

Take your parents out for a movie or go for a picnic with them. The most delightful time to enjoy the sunshine would be now since it is going to be winter soon, and the sun will be a rarity later on. 

Your social skills will be kicked up a notch when you make an honest effort to bond with people who you love and respect. 

There will come a time when your Cancer personality will have no control whatsoever over circumstances around you. So the best alternative to tackle massive changes would be to sit at the sidelines and observe instead of retaliating. 

It’s not just your family that needs this kind of emotional assistance from you. So does your partner, and so do your children if you happen to have any. Imagine it is Sunday evening, and your entire family is playing an intense game of Scrabble and enjoying the Mint Mocktail you just made for them. And, also imagine that after you are finished playing Scrabble, you have a heart to heart with some of your family members because it was due. This is how November will be-chill, candid, and carefree. We hope that you are ready to enjoy every second of it.


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