November Fashionoscope- Gemini

Zodiac pendant Gemini necklace
The Gemini 18 K Gold Plated Pendant

GEMINI (May 21 – June 21)

2019 is almost over, and we think that it is about time that you put some sort of emphasis on others, for a change. 

We’re not saying that you are selfish or that you look out more for your self-interests than others, but you might seem that way. And, this is why we thought that a prudent disclaimer like this would go a long, long way. 

Things are changing. A whole year is about to go by. So, it is time to let fresh perspective into your mind and reflect on what you want 2020 to look like.

Self-reflection can save a lot of mishaps from happening. It gives you time to see things doubtlessly. So, set the alarm on your phone every evening to sit back and chill. Play some soft music and chant the ‘Om’ mantra because it is known to be cathartic for the soul and the body. 

November will serve as a medium for you. Do you want to know how? The answer is that the more you interact with people, the more your chances will be to become adept at carrying out conversations with anyone and everyone. So, being shy is an option that should be thrown out of the window as soon as you read these words. Anything you plan to do on your own should also be minimized. 

So, perhaps, if you are to go for grocery shopping, tag a friend along. Or, if you want to shop for a gift for a friend, tag one of your parents along. Remember, any mental success that you wish to achieve can only be achieved with the help of other people, and this prophecy is exclusive only for November. 

The prospects of a relationship will be plenty, but you might have a hard time trying to decide who checks off all of the boxes on your Mr. Perfect list. 

Have fun in November because it is meant to be enjoyed.


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