November Fashionoscope- Libra

constellation libra zodiac pendant
Constellation Libra Pendant

LIBRA (September 23 and October 23)

Sometimes, the essence of life seems to be fading away, and everything looks chaotic. But one must remember to persevere, to see the light through the fog. 

But this time will be different because November will breeze by. Why? Because you will be in control of every situation you are a part of. So it is safe to say that you will command attention in every room you are in, and you will be praised for your authority and eloquence. Things will feel like they are in your control again. Don’t overuse this momentary superpower, though. Sometimes, commanding TOO much attention can be stifling. 

Nevertheless, people who love you will be pleasantly surprised by how poised you are in every situation. So, one can assume that if you are planning a surprise birthday party for someone, everything will go as planned. 

The prospect of romance in November seems to be skyrocketing. You and your partner will make each other smile. If things look perfect, plan a movie night with them. A cozy couch, Netflix, and popcorn!

If you are not a corn kernel person, then try making mozzarella sticks. They are easy to make and VERY decadent. They are a great snack to munch on while you sob to a movie such as ‘Fault in our stars’ or ‘Inside Out.’ 

If you have been feeling lazy lately, then get up and get hold of yourself by starting with small things. We would advise you to wash all your makeup brushes because it is important and hygienic. If the dirt and dust pile up on those, then you are bound to break out. And, that’s not ideal when you want to look good for yourself and your partner. 

So, pile up all your brushes and blenders, march to the bathroom and douse them in lukewarm water and rinse them with a gentle soap. And, remember to leave them to dry with their bristles hanging off the edge of the counter. 

This activity would result in you being entirely in charge of a situation and doing something productive too!

So, get a grip on small things because November will be like you conquering the world around you.


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