November Fashionoscope- Sagittarius

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SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

November is going to be exclusively about superficiality and how much of a morale booster this concept can be for everyone once in a while.

So, this translates to you fretting over your outward appearance more than ever, and we want you to know that it is not bad in any way. 

So, a makeup tip that would not hurt for you to know is that it is the era of highlighters, so a stroke of it on the high points of your cheeks accompanied by blush will make you look glowy and fun. A simple blow-dry of your hair will also make your hair look bouncier and voluminous. 

This accentuation matters when you are going out, but what also matters is a smile and a dash of confidence and voila! You will look radiant on the inside and the outside. 

If you are thinking of changing career paths, the month of November will aid you immensely in this change. If you are about to give exams, then the question paper will appear very easy to you. And if you have booked tickets for some leisure time at a hill station, then be assured that you are going to have the best time there. All in all, November seems to have vowed to lend a hand in making you feel happy. It is your time to have a laugh or two, and you must make the most of this time!

These perks were just the tip of the iceberg because November will also bring in love and hugs. They could happen with family, friends, or your partner. 

For Sagittarius, November truly sounds like a dream. Still, you must remember to not lose yourself in the euphoria of enjoyment that you experience. 

It is also possible that single people may not be able to enter into relationships this month. And why is that? Because they might become blubbering babies in the presence of their crush.

Casting that aside, November seems to be looking up in all aspects related to inward and outward joy.


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