November Fashionoscope- Scorpio

Scorpio Constellation Pendant
Constellation Scorpio Pendant

SCORPIO (October 23 to November 22)

When you came into being, a star was born. You are determined and optimistic. And, people love these qualities and admire them frequently. 

So, this month will not allow your qualities to diminish. You’ll get things done, and this mainly involves family matters and their well-being. One can even say that you will be delightfully argumentative this November. 

Not just this, but you might see yourself as an optimism machine because you motivate people. You encourage them to do better things in life. It is not only limited to their finance and career but also their personal lives. You like the taste of balance in your life and others as well, and this will be highly evident this November. 

While being a pusher, make sure that you learn and hone the art of cooperation because it goes a long way. If you establish great camaraderie with your friends and family, you will shine, and you will shine bright. 

A possibility that might take place this November is you finding love in your workplace. Not a shocker since you win hearts everywhere you go. Since winter is almost here, wear a bright colored pantsuit to the office if your office’s dressing policy allows. Top the look with black stilettos and a high ponytail. This outfit asserts that you mean business…and even love if the time is right. 

Your November prediction also foretells that once you find that special person in the workplace, don’t lose them. They are special to you because you both will always be on the same page when it comes to the office and what goes on in it. 

Sometimes, love can happen in random places, and we don’t get enough time to make sense of it. But what we need to remember is that we must appreciate and cherish the person who makes us feel like we are the only one that matters to them in this big, wide world. 

November will be easy-breezy, that much we can assure you.


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