October Fashionoscope- Aquarius

Aquarius Zodiac Constellation Pendant
Aquarius Zodiac Constellation Pendant

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Aquarius this month you need to believe that change happens for good, You will be given opportunities to think beyond your perspective and explore other aspects of the world, so don’t let it pass. Identify such opportunities and exploit them to your best capabilities. There is a big expense that might show up this month, so go easy on your pocket, spend less and save more (Check out our earrings in less than Rs.500). Coz you don’t want to be left high and dry in such a situation. From Oct 13, the week is suitable to make your professional to-do list and schedules. If you want to plan something major professionally, do it around this week.

Mercury Retrograde starts from Oct 31, so you might as well avoid big business decisions or business contracts.

You have a tendency to over think, Aquarius. Moreover, which may lead you to feel paranoid sometimes. You may think that you are acting logically, but that may not be the reality, your emotions than ever before will ride you. So when you shop, and you are confused between what to pick and what not to, take a rational decision by actually judging what you need rather than what you want. 

Your family and close relations will also require you to spend more time with them and give your attention because you might face some difference of opinion that may lead you to create some distance from them, but remember that you need to hold up because as time will pass things will start to run smoothly again. So while you like to control what you want to eat and order, it would be nice to listen to your family’s choice as well, which might culminate in a beautiful family dinner.


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