October Fashionoscope- Aries

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Aries Pendant

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

It’s time to come out of that funk, Aries. October demands that you go out and meet new people. This comes with many perks: you get to dress up, you get to open up, and you get to also fess up to the fact that socializing can be frequently fun if done in adequate amounts. We are aware that you are very shy, but October predicts that everything will go just fine if you give going out a try. 

If you want to feel confident inside out, wear something that even celebrities have been. For example, in the last two months, many Bollywood celebrities were spotted wearing polka dots. The trend seemed to be surfacing back and was featured on a Sari, a cocktail dress, and even floor-length gowns! If you happen to find white polka dots on the black background of a dress, make sure you buy that and pair it with black stilettos. They increase your height figuratively and make you look soberly stylish at the same time. 

Aries, your aspirations will be pushed to the background for a while, as you will only concentrate more on what other people require in order to become happier. In October, you will gladly realize that the presence of people in life should not be taken for granted. Also, make sure that when you invest time in different people’s companies, they uplift you instead of putting you down. 

October will be so jovial when you wish to interact more thoroughly with people. It will have a positive effect on your partner, and they will feel attracted to you even more. 

Elders’ blessings are in order, too, as you will be devoted to ensuring that your family sleeps cozily and without a worry at night. 

October will be over before you know it. But, during this time, you will make many memories and undergo so many moments that you will want to relive it all over again.


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