October Fashionoscope- Pisces

pisces fashion horoscope
Pisces Pendant

Pieces (February 19 – March 20)

Hello Pisces!
You are likely to encounter an opportunity to expand your property or joint resources from the past year. This month will also see the new moon, which means that you may start a new plan or reap the benefits from the joint property.
In your romantic relationship, you might have to be careful this month, Pisces. Your partner is likely to make some new and big sudden demands which may affect your lifestyle. Act rationally cause you might start a fire between you two. So to avoid that, listen to their demands without disregarding them and then make your points clear. To communicate well, you must listen first. Act compassionately, or it may lead to fired up situations. October demands that you stand for your needs and for what you deserve. Sometimes you will have to fight to make people at work understand what you deserve. So we advise that be compassionate, but remember that you deserve the same treatment as you give them. So if you are shopping online, don’t shy away from what you desire to shop. Also, since this is a festive month step up your style game, let your bold yet compassionate attitude show through your colour choices like neon orange, reds, and fuchsia.


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