October Fashionoscope- Taurus

Zodiac pendant Taurus necklace

TAURUS (April 21 and May 21)

Hi Taurus! October is all about acing that 9:00 AM job in all aspects and eating so healthy that even you want to pat yourself on the back. Thus, a full bowl of cereal with a plate full of freshly-cut fruits sounds like the dreamy breakfast that you will look forward to this month.

This October, you are at a junction at which you are healing, and this is when you need the most emotional support from your near and dear ones. As you recover from whatever it is that you are recovering from, you’ll find balance in a life that was otherwise filled with indecision and chaos. 

Your significant other might be filled to the chin with work. But don’t worry and remember that others are available to provide you with a fabulous company. Don’t be afraid to ask for companionship; just don’t get too hopeful about it. 

October 13 is predicted to be a major day. You might be so in love with your partner that the intensity might scare you at first. But don’t worry, enjoy the revelation of having someone by your side as long as you both shall live. If this is the case, then don’t be afraid to mark this day as a personal favorite. Gift them a charm bracelet that reminds them of you and the day you realized that they were THE one. 

Don’t let the thought of abandonment creep in. You’re a strong, independent person who can become detached when the time is right. You may be very much in love with someone, but don’t let them exploit you in the name of it. Be emotionally independent!

Charm bracelets are a nice gesture, but to bond with this person, go on a hike with them bright and early on a Sunday morning. This activity could help you both get closer than you already are.

Enjoy October because it seems that it is ready to enjoy you!


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