Best Online Rakhi Collection For Your Beloved Brother 2019

Online Rakhi designsSince the beginning of time, Rakhi makers have put all their creativity and passion into making their Rakhis stand out. Therefore, today, there are cartoon-themed Rakhis, decorative Rakhis and insinuative Rakhis being sold online all over the world.

You already know this. And, Tistabene already knows this. And, so this is why it wanted to come up with an online Rakhi collection #KnotSoSpecial that spices things up and takes inspiration from the youth of TODAY, the Gen-Z or the millennials. Whatever you want to call it.

This is why we created Rakhis that were declarative in nature. Rakhis that appealed to today’s generation and also used relatable terms. Rakhis that wanted to say what YOU wanted to say to your brother all this time. Because sometimes, as sisters on the day of Raksha Bandhan or otherwise, we tear up and hold back due to a flurry of love for our brothers. We are unable to convey our emotions because we cannot express how incomplete we would be without our brothers in our lives.

This is why Tistabene came up with a Rakhi collection that uses words, creativity and the use of an uncomplicated Rakhi to convey what you sometimes can’t.

For instance, we have Rakhis such as the ‘Cute Bhai’ Rakhi. It is simplistic in design but figuratively glows on the wrist. And you know who the right brother would be to gift this Rakhi to? A brother whose cheeks you love to pull and whose demand to eat chocolate is ALWAYS acknowledged, and he then ends up getting that all the sweets you had been saving up for yourself.

The ‘HiFi’ Bhai Rakhi is an indirect ode to the brother who likes to be surrounded by branded items all the time but at the end of the day, he is still as grounded and grateful as he was raised to be.

We also have a ‘Chill Wala Bhai’ Design Rakhi that should be rightfully gifted to that little brother who is a lazy bum and just likes to take it easy in life but he is also the life of a party!

Last but not the least, the ‘Best Bhai’ Rakhi says what you really want to but become at a loss of words. It ought to be given to the brother who is delightfully perfect in all his brotherly duties and this is why you should honor all his virtues this Rakhi 2019.

In short, we have a LOT of title-oriented Rakhis this time at Tistabene because we thought that every once in a while, we need to have a more direct approach when communicating with our loved ones.

Don’t worry. For those who still like beauty more than banter, we have online fancy Rakhis such as Traditional Multi-Color Stones And Thread Rakhi (a classy Rakhi that will go with ANY outfit your brother is wearing on the big day).

You can browse through Tistabene-your very own online Rakhi store which has come up with a Rakhi collection that will let your brother or brothers know all your truest sentiments simply and beautifully.

Partake in Rakhi online shopping and get fast online Rakhi delivery and make this Raksha Bandhan 2019. This year’s Raksha Bandhan is quite special as it is on Independence Day, so you celebrate both the festivals by sending out our special Rakhis to our very own brave soldiers, who are protectors of our country.

Make your celebrations special with Tistabene Rakhis ,and share your special stories with us.


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