Pearls are Back with a Modern Update for Spring Season

When it comes to jewellery, there are multiple options available in the market these days but the charisma and sophistication that pearl jewellery brings is unlike any other.

History is a proof that pearl shells were used as ornamental objects in Egypt in 4th millennium BC.  The origin of pearls has also been explained in mythological and planetary terms, especially Bible and Koran.  This piece of jewellery symbolized the moon and its magical powers to the Ancient Persians and the Egyptians prized this gemstone so much that they were buried with them.

Now, pearls symbolize regalness and royalty. Popular as the ‘queen of gems’ this beautiful gemstone in the form of jewellery piece is as old as ancient Greece. It also makes for a lovely gift and is perfect to wear during day as well as evening events.  Classy, sophistication, and elegance are the key reasons why this piece of jewellery never goes out of style.

Selecting a few from our collection, here we are with upgraded modern pearl jewellery for 2019:

Stay Graceful with Stylish Necklace

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This multi-colored stone and pearl necklace is a great way to experiment with outfits. Pearls are considered as one of the most classic pieces of jewellery a woman could have. The clear red stones in it accentuate its look and the stone-studded pendant detail makes it a fine ethnic piece to go with your ethnic attire. This set can be worn on any occasion and will make you look stylish and graceful.

Stay Sophisticated with Perfect Stud

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This gorgeous stone-studded detail earrings with pearl nestled in it are perfect for the vintage-loving women and can be worn on daily basis. This oval shaped pearl stud earrings will lend a subtle accent to your look. This gemstone has never failed to brighten up a woman’s face and which is why it is a must-have for women.

Stay Effortless with an Elegant Bracelet

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The classically-styled elegant pearl eye bracelet has brilliant shine and luster with perfect black thread and beautiful overtones. Each pearl in it is carefully knotted between the thread and delicately drapes across the wrist. You can even gift this piece to your special someone or buy one for yourself.

Stay Modern with a Designer Ring

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The history of rings dates back to the medieval period, at the time of the 14th century when rings emerged with surface jewels. Cocktail rings or artificial sterling silver setting are lovely by them but when set with pearls and other precious stones, gives a more glamorous look.

Know When and How to Wear Pearls

  • For Office – A stone-studded pearl stud would do
  • Casual Purpose – Opt for a simple ring on normal days
  • Formal Events – Nothing will be more exquisite than a pearl pendant set

With all these varied options, it’s time to pack up some gorgeous pearls jewellery online to stay stylish round the year 2019. So, get ready girls, it’s time for some style game now!


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