Why Pendants are Making a Difference in the Fashion World? 

The Middle Ages brought on religious pendants and even till date cross pendants are the most popular. In the 14th century, pendants were common; men wore necklaces with heraldic subjects whereas women depicted sentimental subjects.

Gradually, love for the pendants died out in the 1600s but managed to make a comeback in the latter half of the 20th century and are continuing to make an impression in the 21st century as well.  They are being used to create a style statement, and are usually detachable so that they can be used with different necklaces.

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Now, the fashion industry is going through a really dramatic overturn but in a good way. It seems that the new trends in fashion are making a difference and pendants are no exception in the list of latest trends. In fact, this piece of jewellery can now be seen catching the attention of both the genders and are quickly making way into men and women’s wardrobe.

Here are a few patterns in pendants:

Zodiac Pendants

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Maybe, Zodiac pendants used to be thing of the past but they seem to have made a comeback. The new designs are not something to be left un-purchased because the distinctive styles are being made according to the latest styles. Even, you can add some star quality jewels to your wardrobe with a stylish pendant or necklace featuring an astrological symbol displaying your pictorial zodiac sign.

Cross Pendants

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Although, cross pendants have been worn for years but these are not the older ones we are talking about. The appearance may have changed for the better but they still signify intelligence, valor, and strength. Being a beautiful symbol of hope and faith, it is a perfect accessory to show your belief through symbols.

Minimalistic Pendants

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Earlier minimal clothing defined the style, but these days minimal jewellery can also be seen adorning the earlobes, fingers, neck, and wrists. This piece of style is especially crafted to facilitate balance, happiness, aliveness, excitement, healing, and self-discovery. This design can be worn with any style as the pattern has clear lines. Minimalistic jewellery is the most trending and equally loved by the youth these days.

Initials Pendant

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Name is very important for a person because it is the simplest way of distinguishing a human being from others. Isn’t it exciting to know that alphabets can be adorned too? Of course, it is because name is something we get when are born and lasts even after we die. So, why would not one love wearing it! Initials pendants are available in beautiful designs and have smooth edges, intricate designing, beautifully crafted, and excellent finish.

Origami Pendants

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When children played with folding paper to make boats, no one would have thought that this concept would be used one day in jewellery patterns. Today, similar concept can be seen being used in the form of Origami jewellery, inspired by the art of Japanese art of folding paper. It is easily available in earrings, pendants, hairpins, and bracelets but the origami pendant patterns are gaining much attention because of its availability in different style, shape, material and can be accessorized with every outfit.

So, we can say that due to the different designs, pendants are making a massive difference in the fashion world for both men and women.

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