How to Pick Jewellery Matching your Outfit?

Like there have been “daadi ke nuske” for daily skin care hacks that we use dearly throughout our lifetime, similarly, there are certain style tips that are either suggested at a very young age by our mothers and followed passionately till now or some instinctively adoptive techniques that we swear by forever. As comfortable we all are with the looks, there may be no stepping back from these seemingly eternal tips. However, we also cannot deny how it still gets difficult to sometimes accessorize, considering the busy routine there is!

Today, we take you forward on a journey that guides you how to pick up the jewellery that matches your outfit.

The first thing to consider is what kind of a look are you looking forward to – is it classy, edgy, or bohemian? What is the purpose of your dress up – such as a business setting or personal use? Once you’ve decided when and what you’ve to wear for the occasion, half of your work is done because one jewellery pattern has the capability to get adjusted with different sets of attires and expressing a different style altogether with each one of them.

But commencing with the basics, here is a little guide on how to pair up your jewellery with the accessories.

Let’s begin:

Routine Attire – Colored Stone Jewellery

When building your colored stone jewellery collection, check out first what appeals the most to you. As the accessories from this collection ranges phenomenally in color, pattern and type, it’s best to pick up the one you’re most comfortable with, essentially because colored stone rings, pendant sets work well with daily attires and equally well with the round as well as closed neck dresses.

The Evening Party Gowns and Dresses – Enamelled Jewellery

The things about evening gowns is that as the lights of a party falls upon your imitation jewellery, it automatically brightens up. Therefore, a single line elegant necklace set is just enough to add the required glitz and amplify your party outfit. One of the greatest features about these sets is that when traditional outfits are the only options you have, these sets work as amazingly with saris as with the gowns.

The Daily Office Traditionals – Old Silver Earrings

In India, most office goers have equal preferences for traditional formal outfits as well pant-suits and other western influenced official outfits. You can obviously put on studs or rings with pant-suits, but when it comes to traditional office wear, we think there are plenty of ways to go about it. One is by donning old silver jhumki earrings, or subtle rings and keeping it simple and office-ready using this at bare minimum.

The wedding/ festive Outfits – Antique Jewellery

How can we not consider jewellery picks in the land of festivals where every month has something to celebrate? So, if any week has some festival coming up, you know that traditional clothes are a must for situations like those. So, be it a marriage function or a festival, accentuate your traditional looks with the Fine Beaded and Antique Stones Traditional Set.

This sums up your requirements for the entire week- from causal to party wears! Grab these must haves to be ready for whatever the coming week brings to you.




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