How Plaid Pants are the New Trend-Setters for Men?

Many of us believe that major fashion statements revolve mainly around women- the design houses think for women, the wedding wear market is skewed towards them, and even the female models get a better deal than male models. But that is not the complete truth!

In all over the world, women’s wear might be a bigger chunk, fiscally and fashionably but if there is one segment that is rapidly growing, it is menswear. In India too, change can be witnessed, call it the Ranveer Singh effect and his sartorial choices in fashion that Indian men have become fashion conscious and are ready to experiment beyond a pair of shirt and pants.

Be it summer or winter, pants have been constant in men’s wardrobe. Keeping the trend and fashion in mind, designers are reimagining the classic silhouette so that boys can stay cool in countless ways. One such pattern redesigned is plaid pant, which you will find in a great number of men’s clothing stores.

So, let’s find out some of the easiest ways to incorporate it into your look:

All Day, Every Day

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When it comes to wearing pants, it is hard to ignore a plaid one. It appeared in the fashion radar of the 90s and since then, this inevitable staple outfit is worn as an everyday essential. As we head into the days of the spring season, keep one of these in wardrobe to layer over outfits all week long.

Monday Mornings

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For the 9-5 look, go with just the right bout of plaid. Ankle plaid pant is one sophisticated pattern that would look smart in this attention-grabbing corporate world. Throw them with a neutral base like dark slacks ora white button-down. You can also experiment with this fashion-forward motif with a subtle plaid tie or pocket square.

Saturday Nights

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It’s weekend and you are in the same boring clothes? Are not the weekend meant for fun? Then why the same routine dress up. Plaid joggers should be your downtime attire. Else, you can incorporate just plaid pants with fresh tees for an on-point casual look. This classic style makes a good balance with well-worn tees and off-duty favourites.

Plaid over Plaid

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Have you ever seen a guy mix and match plaids with another pattern? We have not either. Pattern friendships rarely work in this style, so your best course of action should be to keep it simple and match with plaids only. It would be better if you complete the outfit with block colours and let the plaid pants take centre stage.

So, every man who loves fashion and follows all the latest trends should definitely have a pair of plaid pants. You can choose this pattern in straight, skinny, cuffed, crop, jogger, or wide leg style. Also, you can combine it with other pieces of cloth, fashion jewellery, and shoes.


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