The One Hamper You need to Gift Your Sister This Rakhi 2019

You know that Raksha Bandhan is on its way and you need to think of a special gift for your sister.

Siblings have a sweet love-hate relationship from childhood. They may say they are different from each other, but in reality, they act pretty much the same. Fighting over petty things, annoying each other, and secretly caring for each other in their heart. It is so beautiful to realise that this sibling rivalry and care for each other is all tied in one tie, which gives the whole meaning to Raksha Bandhan.

So you know that sisters are particular the way they choose their Rakhi after scanning all the designs available online and offline. That implies that you have to make extra or the same effort to bring a smile on her face.

Do you ask what will be THE PERFECT gift for my sister this Rakhi 2019? We tell you that pamper her with sugar, spice, and everything nice (Those who are not from the 90s, it’s a Powerpuff Girls reference). We are going to explain what an ideal Rakhi hamper could look like and what items it should possibly contain.

Before that, we have a disclaimer and universally accepted advice, and that is to write all the things she likes on a piece of paper and start collecting them one by one if you are interested in gifting your sister a Rakhi Hamper that she will cherish. We are here to tell you how you can make this Rakhi Hamper special.

Online Rakhi shopping sites like Tistabene know that boys are a little clueless when it comes to giving gifts. They think that they cannot pinpoint what exactly someone would want, and that is where they fall behind.

So, brothers or brother, if you are reading this, start making mental notes.

STAGE 1-Something sweet.

Well, obviously. On a day as celebratory as Rakhi, the hamper would be incomplete without something sweet. So, if your hamper is in a wicker basket or a fancy one, lay down six to eight chocolates at the bottom of it (not more than that). And, make sure that your sister likes these chocolates. Don’t put in a random pack of sweets just for the sake of it. To do this successfully, you’ll need to think about what chocolates your sister craves for at middle of the night or the chocolates she has while pmsing.

STAGE 2-Let her read your letter.

Your chocolates have made for a symbolic but decorative blanket on which you can place a letter that YOU wrote.

A handwritten letter can be hard to write because sometimes, our emotions can be hard to express, and putting them on paper becomes very intimidating.

So, if a handwritten letter is not your jam, Google quotes that suit what you are trying to convey and add an inside joke or a happy memory underneath it. It will not be a handwritten letter, but this text will still be heartfelt.

STAGE 3-Personalize.

It’s one thing being thorough, but when you add a tinge of individualization to your Rakhi gift hamper for your sister, it becomes more intriguing and entertaining for her to unravel.

Does she like books? Pile the top of the basket with them.

Does she like dog memes? Print those and stack them haphazardly on the top of the basket so she can have a good laugh before she begins to read your letter or sift through the pack of chocolates you selected for her.

Does she like movies or TV shows? Gift her a t-shirt with its reference.

Does she like food? (Boy, don’t we all?) Then, you could put a small piece of paper saying something quirky like-“Dinner tonight, you and I. We’ll shove burgers in our mouths and to our diet, we’ll say goodbye.”

Is she a shopaholic? Well, gift card it is then! For that, you must know her favourite brand and then watch her gushing over the gift card when she sees it.

Lastly, does she like jewellery? Well, you’re in luck then! Because, after you are done reading this blog, you can head over to Tistabene’s website, which offers you the opportunity to do plenty of artificial jewellery online shopping. And, there, you can find anything from women’s designer bracelets online to women’s trendy earrings.

SIster Bracelet
#1 SISTER Bracelet

We would suggest this #1SISTER bracelet for her because you know what every sister likes to hear.

Again, if you want to personalize, we have an Initial Collection that recently came out. It has pendants available from letters A to Z. And, you can gift one to your sister so that she knows that you put effort into your gift.

And, when she unpacks the hamper and goes through each and every offering, she’ll thank you, and you’ll (secretly) thank us.

You’ll be thinking why not give the above gifts separately? The answer to it is that it is always nice to give a personalised touch and to show the other person that you are willing to make an effort for them. Also, remember gifts may be simple, but the emotion with which they have been packed is priceless.

Brothers, on this Rakhi 2019, we hope that you take our advice (to some extent) and create a Rakhi hamper for your sister that not only warms her heart and brings happy tears to her eyes but also makes her feel that you guys have got each other’s back.


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