Elevate your Off-Duty Looks with Tassel Earrings

Isn’t it fun to add pretty little things to our wardrobe, things that elevate our look, such as bold, elegant and colorful pompoms and tassel earrings. Especially, when considering the hot summer season, this type of light accessory seems like a muse, for it is neither bulky on your earlobes nor loud. It indeed denotes a blend of calm, playful and exuberant designs making it an apt choice for the season.

The fashion jewellery online portal of Tistabene provides impeccably young and beautiful collection of these tassel earrings, in beau-coup designs and patterns.

Selecting a few from the collection, here is a quick glimpse of the phenomenal designs that we offer in tassel earrings:

Red Tassel Earrings

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Wear a cool white button-down shirt with bell-bottom pants, sunglasses and the red tassel earrings matching closely with the peep toed red block heels- try this combination to witness a change in how impeccably fashion forward you look. We are positive that adopting this summer suitable style would get you a few extra eyeballs.

Contemporary Black Tassel Earrings

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We surely dress up for ourselves, but when our enthusiasm for fashion is praised, it does make us feel good. Such is the beauty of this tassel dangler that allows you to look good and seek compliments from people around you.

So, ditch shyness and confidently pair this enthusiastic set of black tassel earrings to don your earlobes on any casual day.

Floral Tassel Dangler

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Do you know how you can play smart and confident in one go? This earring in blue with golden floral motif over earlobes centered with blue stone and adorned with pearl bead can completely act like a game-changer for you. You can also find this pattern available in a number of other colors, such as green, red, pink, orange and others.

Modern Tassel Earrings

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Let these light tassel earrings loosely flow and blend up in the curly tresses that roll down your shoulder with the attire of your choice, say jumpsuit, LBD, or a casual attire for lunch. We assure you that this tassel earring can be trusted to add the missing glam to your outfit.

Just try it and you will know!

Multi Color Tassel with Chains Earring

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Are you somebody who loves colors in everything around you? If yes, then this tassel earring fused with three different colors would turn out to be a great choice for your vibrant and colorful choice as well as personality. Besides, not only is this elegant pair wearable for different purposes, but it also gives you a chance to wear it with many types of colorful attire.

Need we say more? Hurry up and grab them soon at Tistabene – the best online jewellery store India!


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