Revisiting Relaxed Wear | Pre-Spring 2020 Men’s Wear

New Arrivals in Men’s Wear- Breathable Relaxed Wear

2019’s fashion was a lot to take in. So many innovations were taking place and all at the same time. While women were seen experimenting with micro bags, men took to the runway, adorning clothes that reflected gender-less fashion. 

In conclusion, 2019 was a train of fashionable advancements, but now, as we have successfully entered 2020, we must take a step back and decide to relax. We must indulge in a break from complicated fashion, in general. Let’s refresh by treating ourselves to relaxed wear now. 

To truly extract the “Chill Vibe” from 2020, Tistabene has decided to unveil its relaxed wear in the form of trendy men’s shirts. The newest collection houses shirts for men that have been made using the age-old textile manufacturing techniques of hand block printing and digital printing.

Tistabene’s newest shirts’ collection seems to calmly state that it is now time for the men to go back to the good old days of wearing clothes that are comfortable, elegant, and familiar to them. Our cool shirts for men are homely and beckon you to wear them over and over again. Such is their charm and lure.

These premium casual shirts are some of the best men’s shirts as they adhere to the concept of slow fashion. You buy one shirt from this Tistabene collection, and it will last you for years, unlike fast-fashion. Their simplicity and the fact that they have been crafted by artisans who are adept at the arts of hand block printing and digital printing says a lot about the origin of this shirts’ collection. 

Sometimes, some of us like things to be simple, even fashion. That is why the relaxed men’s wear from Tistabene hopes to cater to anyone and everyone. 

For example, the full-sleeved, slim-fit Indigo shirt that has been inspired by nature is a gentle reminder to all of us to stay close to our roots, to remain humble, and to revere Mother Earth. This shirt is made from 100% cotton and can be worn in summers; just roll up the sleeves to your elbows and winters; just roll down the sleeves to your wrists, and you can mix prints with printed jackets or trousers. 

Men's Wear Block Print Slim Fit Shirt
Nature Inspired Indigo Block Print Slim Fit Shirt

Cotton, as we all know, is the most comfortable fabric out there. Another underrated but brilliant fabric from which our relaxed wear has been made is crepe. This fabric is fluid, soft, and generally has and quick-drying properties. It truly is a dreamy fabric, and the Moroccan Escape Elephant Printed Slim Fit Shirt confirms the same. 

Men's Wear Slim Fit Shirt
Moroccan Escape Elephant Printed Slim Fit Shirt

So, what are you waiting for, then? Browse through our newest collection of men’s shirts and become the most effortlessly stylish man with the most impeccable fashion sense! 


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