How to Rock the Pop this Monsoon 2020

When we think of the word ‘pop,’ pop culture comes to mind immediately. But hold up because 2019 is all about unprecedented pop colour trends that are definitely going to leave their mark on you.

A dash of colour in your clothes is enough to make a first impression that is unforgettable and ever-lasting. You don’t want to blend in with the gloomy clouds, and we believe one should feel confident in what they wear and what better can be than bold and bright colours for monsoon.

It is a great idea to make bold choices sometimes that not only make you “pop” but present you as someone who knows the ever-changing fashion trends inside out? So, read on to find out the three pop colours that have been incorporated into the wardrobes of Bollywood celebrities as well!



No need to be intimidated. Red is a gorgeous colour. It is not afraid of other colours or any other humans who think it is abrasive or too bright on the eyes.

Imagine sauntering around at your workplace in red pants that have a flare at the bottom. You will be noticed, yes. But it will also make everyone wonder what other equally joyful outfit combinations you have planned for the future.

Pairing red with either white or black is always a smart choice. If you feel you are brave enough to take up the challenge of pairing red with an equally bright colour like tangerine or mauve, then go ahead, why not! The key here is to balance the fiery colours with neutral accessories and minimal jewellery. Red is an experimental colour. But fiery red is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly.

Allow the most talked about celebrity on the internet, Disha Patani, to show you some fashion inspiration with her bright floral fiery red dress. The pop colour dress is enough to paint the town red.

DIsha Patani
Image Source- Instagram (Disha Patani)



Once in a while, it is important to get in touch with the brighter side of things. To revisit the era of flashy colours that looked blindingly beautiful. Neon is one of those colours that need to come to the surface once again. It is an underrated colour that not many people can handle.

Sonakshi Sinha is well-aware of this fact, and perhaps, this is why she was bold enough to wear neon separates from designer Arpita Mehta’s collection called ‘NEOCAP.’ Neon pants, neon top, and the neon cape jacket had us swooning. The actress finished off the look with some jewellery and a pair of white heels. The outfit was refreshing like the monsoon rains and radiant. And, we’d get our hands on this outfit if we could.

By dressing this way, Sinha not only helped us realize that neon green is back in trend, but also when one wears it, they must carry it with poise and confidence. She was also seen sporting a neon green tee in one of her airport looks. It shows the fluidity of neon colours from 80’s inspired chic look to athleisure this colour can mould with your style.

Sonakshi Sinha
Image Source: Instagram (Sonakshi Sinha)


3. METALLIC: SO Millennial

According to Wikipedia, metallic colour is a colour that appears to be that of polished metal. Hmm, even the thought of including this trend into your daily-wear sounds unlikely, right? Wrong.

The shiny effect of this colour is unlike any other solid colour. With it, you get the luster, your figure becomes accentuated in the most flattering way, and your dress can catch and reflect the camera flashes as well.

This trend of adorning metallic outfits is reminiscent of a densely-crowded disco or divas from the 1970s. Incorporation of this trend into 2019 is just bringing back the old from the grave.

If you are holding on dearly to this trend but do not know where to start, then begin with a shiny eye shadow like electric blue or iridescent fanny pouch or sneakers — one step at a time.

No matter how much celebrities have to face the trolls, but we appreciate celebrities to experiment audaciously with metallic hues. It is not a piece of cake to make it look sophisticated yet very edgy. Deepika Padukone is not afraid to experiment with metallic fashion. To support this statement, she was seen recently in a basic white tee with silver leather pants and silver pointed-toe pumps. She looked radiant that you may want to put on some glasses and the outfit gets a 10 out of 10 from us!

Deepika Padukone
Image Source: Instagram (Deepika Padukone)

If you are the hesitant kind, then you can always incorporate pop colours in your accessories that can be your shoes, bag or even jewellery. Check out some of our fashion jewellery in pop colours.

Pop Colored Stones dangler earrings


Pop Colored Stones Earrings


pop coloured Tassel Earrings 

So, the memo for the monsoon is that your fashion choices can be as brazen as your spirit. Do glitter, do sequins, do bold colours.


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