Rose Gold Plated Jewellery: Still A Fad?

Rose gold jewelry is anything but new. It may have been seen hitting the top trending lists since 2017, but the blush colored metal has been around since the mid to late 19th century when it was first worn in Russia earning the moniker “Russian Gold.” From briefly being popular in Victorian Era to gaining popularity in the 1920s and again losing its value as platinum became the preferred metal throughout Art Deco era, this metal saw phenomenal ups and downs in its lifespan.

Gradually, as a part of the trend, the rose gold plated jewellery also made its presence, particularly because of how closely it resembled the real rose gold metal alloy and the most important being the massive difference in their price range.

Apart from all types of accessories like rose gold rings, rose gold wedding rings, rose gold earrings and even rose gold cufflinks, the trend has travelled far up to being a part of fixtures and home décor that are both purchased and DIYed fervently.


Women have been long associating with Rose Gold Jewellery because of many reasons, the one being that it brought a phenomenal change in the way how traditional jewellery used to be perceived. From rose gold earrings, rose gold rings and every other imaginable accessory for women can now be seen making its show in Rose Gold plating.

Some of the trending pieces from this list would be:

Partywear Cocktail Ring – The snail-shaped rose gold rings are one of the finest picks for this monsoon season. The eye-catching contemporary design takes everyone by surprise and elaborates on your style statement by adding a perfect bling to your fingers.

Rose Gold Earrings, Rose Gold Rings

Shank Rose Gold Wedding Ring – Do you like all things classy? If yes, then this is going to be a great choice for your wedding ring. Every single piece in this category is a product of great craftsmanship and creativity, which clearly gets reflected in the statement pieces such as this delicately assembled wedding ring.

Rose Gold Plated Dangler – If you ever fall short of inexplicable designs, you know where to look up for the best designs- it’s at Tistabene. Find an array of collection as unique as this set of distinctively designed heart-shaped dangler earrings.


With the rising trend for men’s accessory, there is a huge market opening up to try new accessories for themselves, be it in the form of rings, studs, chains or even rose gold cufflinks. The trend is outwardly growing inspiring every man to try it once in their lifetime and move beyond the commonly accepted notions of accessories, like accepting Rose Gold as a part of their wardrobe.

One of the most flamboyant pieces in Rose Gold is Classic Rose Gold Plated High Finished Office Wear Cufflink, which is apt to be used for official purposes. It can settle with different corporate shirts, white in particular. Another great choice for Rose Gold accessory is Round Textured Top Classic Rose Gold Plated Cufflink, which is round in shape and has a whale back making it a perfect corporate pick that complements your taste.

Rose Gold Cufflinks

Having seen these stunning designs in rose gold plated accessories, it’s time to set your emotions free for picking up the best artificial jewellery. So, go and treat yourself with some stunning gold plated accessories available at Tistabene portal for both men and women at budget-friendly prices.



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