September Fashionoscope- Leo

LEO (July 23 – August 22)

Leo, we are proud to be predicting that not only have you always been a family person, but even in September, you will not leave your family’s side. You will stand by them, like the loyal Samaritan that you are. 

There will be some professional development for you but not much. And, the rest of it will have to wait till the end of the month. So, caring for your family will be your top priority, it seems. 

If you really are going to be spending so much time with your family, plan a day trip with them somewhere. Click selfies, create a pretty picnic basket, and find the perfect spot to relax with your familial squad. To make things tad bit adventurous, wear the ‘Fearless’ pendant. It could be a fun activity because not only will you wear it but so will your entire family. It could be a group-unity thing!

18 K Gold Plated Fearless Pendant
18 K Gold Plated Fearless Pendant

Rest of your time might be spent at home, close to comfort and warmth. You could also use this free time to organize your closet or take some time to learn gardening so that you can tend to your plants with expertise. 

When you are at work, make sure that you are cooperative and that you do not talk down to any of your co-workers. We say this because Tistabene predicts that your success, this month, will depend a lot on people around you.

To make this month a happier one, make sure that you revisit the past with people who have been with you from the beginning. Plan a night out or two, and wear your weekend best.

A happy September will look like an oasis in the desert. But you only need to be the best version of yourself so that you can shine like the star that we know you are.


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