September Fashionoscope- Libra

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

Libra, our proud peacemaker! We’ll just lay out in the open now. September is going to be tough. How tough? No one knows. Tough in what aspect? Family matters. A lot of them.

You always want to be the glue that keeps family together, and this month will be no different. You’ll want to stop arguments from breaking out and solve pending matters. And we hope that you will be successful in doing so.

In the past, things may have been tense. But change is around and with it comes unity and maturity from your family members. They support you, you support them.

Your horoscope also says that this month, you will develop friendships unexpectedly. You won’t see it coming but there they will be-positive people ready to alter your life in the best way possible.

While you are at it, make sure to treat yourself this month. Perhaps, go for a mani-pedi? Those are fun. And, while initiating small talk with your salon lady, you might see a friend in her who sincerely tells you some secret mani-pedi tips.

Avoid caking up your face with too much make-up. As it will irritate you in this humid weather, further leading to a tense situation for you. So stay away from loading up too many products on your face, keep it natural and minimal.

Love will come to you like a bee coming for honey. People around you will be so charmed by you and the personality that you exhibit that they will want to talk to you for hours and maybe even more!

You can further draw their attention with statement earrings which will not only accentuate your jaw line but will also keep other person’s concentration on you and what you have to say.

Contemporary Designer statement earrings
Contemporary Designer statement earrings

We also recommend painting those nails red (because you want to paint the town red, of course) and put on your best smile on.

However, make sure that you take care of the family. We don’t even need to remind you because we know you will.


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