September Fashionoscope- Pisces

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

Dear Pisces, September is THE month to shine. You know why? Because, till August, you have had ample time to catch hold of your emotions and make sense of them. Everyone in your family is in a healthy mental state. They love you, and you love them.

But something is amiss. And, that is your will to focus on your career and give a growth-spurt to your finances. This can only be done if you have sheer concentration and are feeling driven.

Know how you can feel driven? YOGA. The ultimate relaxer invented by mankind. Do it in the morning or in the evening. Either way, it will make you feel more on track. While you are at it, make sure that you wear the MOST comfortable Yoga garb. It could be a pair of Khakhi pants made out of finest linen material and a cotton Top that soaks up all your sweat and lets your skin breathe!

If you want to accessorise your work outfit and all your other outfits, try wearing an initial pendant of your name. This will add a personal touch to what you are trying to do, and that is leaving a mark everywhere you go. 

Initial Alphabet Pendant P

While you are focusing on self-development, you will also be tempted to lift others up (not literally, of course). You’ll want to be humble around your co-workers, and you will try and remind them to be the same. In short, you will make a tremendous effort to be a good person and who knows? Others may follow suit.

Pisces is a sun-sign that rarely makes compromises for others. But this month might shift, and the scenario may change. You’ll want to be more giving and to make sure that your finances are more than just good, you might even have to SAVE money. But later on, you’ll realize how beneficial that was.


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