September Fashionoscope- Sagittarius

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

Work is on your mind, Sagittarius and we love that. Family and your personal desires will have to wait because you will be very invested in work excellently at your office and possibly getting lots of praises from your work-team.

Your horoscope says that you are very close to achieving the dreams you had set for yourself, career-wise. You are determined, stubborn even to do things many people said you couldn’t. 

So, pop that lipstick on and put on that mascara because you go, girl! Carry essential items like sunscreen, red lipstick, minimal jewellery, and sunglasses, trust us, you’ll need it when you are on the go. Mercury is moving slowly, and that affects you how? Well, your love and social life will be affected. So, no sparks and no pecks for you until the 23rd of this month.

Fashion essentials in a bagBut don’t worry. Right now, you are so close to achieving something that a love-less month will not bother you. In fact, chances are that you won’t even be talking to many people at work because you will be busy helping close that deal!

But all this workaholic-ism is not suitable for you. You need to calm down, as the great Taylor Swift says. So, we want you to take a Spa day on Sunday! The massages really help with relieving that tension in your shoulders, and the self-care allows you to focus better. 

High chances that work stuff will have a ripple effect, and your family might end up feeling neglected. So, what we would suggest is that you take out those unused flip-flops, wear your most presentable night garb and go for a movie or ice-cream with family. We know that you will only do so on Sundays because the rest of the week will be swallowed up by work.

September is looking hectic, Sagittarius. You will be up early and going to bed early. Amidst this, you must make room for family and love. We still predict that you will have a rewarding September.


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