September Fashionoscope- Scorpio

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

Scorpio, oh, Scorpio! You ace almost everything you set your mind to. But this month might be a little too much, what with work being more hectic than usual. So, we want you to take care of yourself more than ever this month.

Think only healthy food, no carbs. Frequent face-washing and no sleeping with make-up on. Morning jogs and no snoozing alarms. If you have trouble sleeping at night because you are worried about how much work-load you will have the next day, go to bed while listening to meditation music. 

We want you to be mentally and physically healthy this month, and even you can incorporate your own healthy habits in your lifestyle.

We know you are a lady boss who knows what’s right for her and what isn’t. 

Perhaps you could learn to channel your naturally aggressive nature more productively. Join a boxing class or start Zumba. These classes are fun distractions that help you feel like you belong somewhere. Also, try being more kind than you already are, this month. Learn to master the art of tolerance and try not to get irritated by your co-workers or family! 

The scent of love will be strong this month. Your partner will be very content with all the attention you can give them. So, make sure that you wear your best slim jeans and the most chic black top with black pencil heels.

To celebrate your Zodiac sign, you could buy the Scorpio pendant in rose-gold from our very own zodiac pendant collection because it is nice to wear something on your neck that identifies you and your personality. 

Scorpio Zodiac Pendant
Scorpio Zodiac Pendant

Some anxiety is expected this September, but you are such an independent and mature individual that you will be able to handle every little problem that comes your way.


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