September Fashionoscope- Taurus

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus, we know that you are not a social butterfly. In fact, we are well-aware of the fact that you have a very committed relationship with your couch. But this month, alter yourself, try to instill a change within you that is daunting but positive.

We would suggest going out more. Not because we want you to bump heads with strangers, no. Sometimes, being social also means that you go outside and interact with yourself. We believe that you get to know yourself the most when you are alone. 

So, a walk in the park or a long drive to an unspecified destination should do you some good. And, when you go out, make sure that you wear your cutest skimmer hat, sunglasses and then, put on sunscreen that protects you from Sun’s ultra-violet rays. If you still decide to stay at home, stock up on some of your favourite snacks. Do some online shopping while you binge eat. Yes, we know the task is risky, but life is nothing without risks. Such activities open you up more to how the world functions. You will have to accept change and even love it!

The Love Department is looking a bit gloomy this month, but things will look up, of course. By the end, you will be having intellectual conversations and passionate interactions with your boyfriend or spouse. So, we hope that you choose the right restaurant/ café to drink and dance and have dinner! Think about your outfit carefully, spend some time preparing for your date, our suggestion would be to wear some sparkling ruby colored earrings to add romantic touch to your look.

Long Graduating Colored Stones Chandelier

If you seek any help (it could be financial or mental), your family will be the most perfect option. They will guide you and set you on to the right path of life. So, don’t be ashamed to seek advice whenever you want it.

September is going to be great. You just need to learn how to accept that life is full of changes, and many of them can be positive changes as well.


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