How To Spice Up Your Daily Life During Lockdown

4 tips on how you can add a little tang to your appearance during the lockdown.

If the lockdown has you feeling down because you cannot go out, continue reading.

It’s understandable to feel nostalgic of the times when you had the chance to pick out an outfit, put on make-up and slip into a pair of glamorous high-heels.

Now, times are different. We have been confined to our houses and all this time will be spent in uncertainty. But that does not mean that we have to spend it feeling gloomy and looking like our least stylish self.

Tomorrow, you can do something nice to your hair. Day after, trade those cotton sweatpants for a pair of leather shorts. These little things will help lift up your mood considerably and keep your spirits high.

Let’s read in detail what you can do to add change to your ensemble during the lockdown.


How long has it been since you straightened your hair? Or, how long since you curled it? Girls, you need to show those tresses some love.

Stop making a messy bun as soon as you get out of the shower. Make a voluminous ponytail or half-tie your hair with a bow rubber band. We hear that they are back in trend and that they look really cute from the back (Get it?)

Hair Style in Lockdown
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Then, what? Snap some pictures for the ‘Gram and you will feel like you did something productive, even if it was the littlest thing possible.


We are not saying that you should lather yourself with layers and layers of jewellery but a trinket here and there never hurt anyone, right?

Might we suggest that you not only wear the jewellery you have not worn in a long time but you also organize your jewellery box while you are it? Kill two birds with one stone: Jewellery Edition.

If you have a personalized name pendant lying around or even a personalized name bracelet, this is the right time to bring either back. Pair one or both with a plain, white T-Shirt and loose, denim jeans. This way, you will feel classy and presentable throughout the day.

Personalized Name Pendant


Having a steady relationship with your ratty cotton T-Shirt and your comfy sweat pants warrants applause. But, how about a chic-looking Kurta Palazzo set, instead? Our range has some in pastel colors that will allow you to be on the same page as the summer sun.

kurta palazzo set

Or, browse through your closet and find the most casual yet soft ethnic wear for yourself. Strut around the house with an air of confidence. Who knows? Your stylish walk may even inspire some other family members to ditch their home clothes and wear something else for a change.


Your everyday no-make-up, make-up look can move on because the quarantine make-up routine is here to make you change the way you used to enhance your face.

Start with your daily moisturizer and then use sunscreen. We know, we know. None of us is going out but it still protects the skin from the heat that persists all around the house during the summer season. Use concealer under your eyes and then, lightly contour your face.

Mascara is optional but do put on blush to look like you are ready to take over the day. Smear some pink lipstick on and viola!

It’s not easy to wake up every day, only to realize that you cannot get out of your house to engage in recreational activities you would usually engage in before. But little things like the ones mentioned above will accentuate your outer appearance so that your inner-self can feel happier and more content than usual. We promise that if you bring in some or all of these changes into your daily routine, this lockdown time will feel less like prison time.


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