Suit Up like these Bollywood Boss Ladies For a Win

Like jewellery has been long associated with women, suits seem to have only been linked with men. Fortunately, these stereotypes are being overlooked only to be able to see and accept things in the bigger picture. Be it jewellery or suits, both are now equally a part of the wardrobes of men as well as women (or rather humans).

Some share for this incredible change goes to our celebrities, who are consciously taking up steps to spread awareness without worrying about those prejudiced eyes that haunts us from experimenting, or so to say, accepting our own choices.

But these boss ladies didn’t hold themselves back but brought a freedom for all of us in a lot of ways. Here are a few unconventional suit styles tried by these Bollywood divas only to bring a new wave of styling for women:

1. Sonam Kapoor

This style icon has been slaying the iconic suits trend even before it became one! Part timeless and part experimental, Sonam’s looks always stand out. Be it monochrome suits in bright, avant-garde hues like orange, to subtle colours like blue and soft pinks, Sonam has laid her hand on everything.

This White suit with the green polkis and flowery belt is undoubtedly the piece with which Sonam outdid herself. The pearl earrings and rings added just the final additions to her subtle look.

2. Kangana Ranaut

The Queen Kangana Ranaut is one of the names whom  managed to make a name for herself in Bollywood on her own terms. With this floral pantsuit and that fierce expression, she has managed to win the hearts if many hearts. The floral pantsuit paired with a Victorian collar shirt brings a change in the common pantsuit styles for women.And to amp it up, she wore a pair of geek glasses and bold red heels.

3. Priyanka Chopra

From being the national star to expanding the horizons and reaching out to gain immense popularity with her talent in the international borders, one actually falls short of words writing about her. Fashion is yet again one thing where Priyanka explores a lot. Flaunting the red with black shimmery stripes says a lot about it. The red cape and stilettos paired with the black handbag hits all the right chords.

4. Neha Dhupia

Neha Dhupia may not be a veteran at the box office, but this diva is very well acquainted with all the fashion forward essentials. She is a style inspiration for all. Be it pinks or maroons, Neha doesn’t shy away from any.

This boss lady dresses to leave an impact and so she does with this power suit. The B&W combination always catches on point but the way Neha styles up changes everything. Her distinct sleeve-fold paired with the bracelet and earrings on the lobes add the dash to her style statement.

So, are you all set to try one power suit yourself?

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