The Summer Edits- Light and Dramatic Accessories

The days have started getting brighter and hotter pushing us to stay indoors. But, till when? We all have to go out and work and be everywhere where our presence is required because the seasons will come and go but we will stay here. So, no matter how much we desire to ignore everything around us, we have to step out from our comfort zones to work while beating this scorching heat.

Well, as it comes out, hot weather is not the only problem for women but they also find it difficult to discover light accessories that are suitable for this weather other than the commonly used beaded ones.

Therefore, Tistabene has come out with an amazing collection of light and elegant accessory choices for you, just so you hustle each day in style.

Classic Pear Drop Hoop Earring

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This light weighted hoop earring is a great choice- for both the office as well as a night party. In fact, it is also an easy select for the scorching daylights. This classic pear drop hoop is available on our Online Jewellery Shopping portal in three different plating- Rose Gold, White Rhodium and Yellow gold.

Go on, grab these lovelies and be flawlessly in love with everything around you.

Triangular Pendant Set

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A mesmerizing set of three triangular shaped white stones that come together to form one bigger triangular look giving this piece a “solitaire” look. With the matching earrings, it becomes irresistible. So, easily wear the set on regular workdays as well as the normal routine.

Classic Heart Earring

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Aren’t classic heart shapes adorable? And when there are accessories made out of the heart shaped pattern, it becomes double lovable, doesn’t it girls?

So, here is a stunning hoop earring in two tone as well as rose gold plating. Select your choicest pick and flaunt it with all the love and admiration.

High Finish Band Ring

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This band ring should be made yours, mainly because firstly it is a band ring; secondly, it is available in classic high finishing, and lastly, it is plated into two tones, which is in current trend these days. Apart from the two tones, you can also find this ring in white gold and rose gold plating from our website.

Contemporary Dangler

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Be it any season, parties are always on our topmost list. So, just in case you are getting ready for one such upcoming party in this hot season, we would recommend you to avoid heavy jewellery and settle down with something sober yet elegant, such as our Western Designer colored stone dangler. It is light, peppy and fun to wear.

Fret not and easily Buy Online Jewellery from Tistabene, where we design the finest fashion jewellery unlike anywhere else.


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