The Summer Saunter | Summer Holiday Wear by Tistabene

Amp Up Your Holiday Wear With Tistabene Fashion Men’s Shirts 

There’s authenticity in the culture and lifestyle of Jaipur, which, when mixed with the modernity and fast-paced contemporary life of the everyday millennial, gives Tistabene the creative vision that it needs to move forward.

With so many magical elements of the pink city to choose from, one can find inspiration in its every aspect.

Tistabene is now making you a part of its roots, heritage, and values. And, as a part of transforming, we bring the art of fusing the yesterday’s and today’s’ into our fashion apparel. 

That is why it is essential to introduce our dearest customers to our vibrant line of designer men’s shirts that will make them feel pleasantly closer to their roots. But, also give them a taste of the high-life they have now become so accustomed to.

Summer Holiday Wear 2020
The Desert Cactus Block Print Slim Fit Shirt

Our slim-fit men’s block print shirts are never in your face. They are subtle men’s apparel that has the caliber to become your favorites in seconds. The simplicity of their pattern and the vibrancy of their colors should give you enough reasons to add them to your wardrobe. The comfort and compact nature of the stylish mens shirts are perfect for holiday wear.

Summer Holiday Wear 2020
The Geometric Maze Block Print Slim Fit Shirt

Block printing is an age-old textile printing process that takes place in Bagru and Sanganer. This process adds to the charm of Jaipur and makes it a heritage city that is set apart from other Indian cities.

The artisans of Jaipur also make sure that all the men’s shirts by Tistabene have a uniform print and excellent quality throughout. Therefore, these cotton shirts are comfortable, airy, and perfect for the scorching weather that is due any day now. 

Relish the lure of Tistabene shirts. Notice how they give you the golden opportunity to flaunt them in any event or holiday spot you go to. 


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