Four Small But Influential Things To Observe In Stylish People

What does TISTABENE think about stylish people?

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Tistabene has been a staunch believer of the fact that fashion has the power to bring forth a revolution. You can see the change in clothes. You can feel the change in clothes.

Your personal style has a huge role to play if you want to restructure today’s fashion. Your observant eye and alert mind will take you places only if you notice the little things about the people.

When you master the trick to incorporate other people’s style and make it your own, you must carry it with confidence and grace. Personalize your personal style, to put it simply.

Some men may have a nonchalant approach to fashion. They could care less about men’s shirts for party or branded men’s shirts. Some of our male friends or our male loved ones like to put on what their eyes catch and hands grab. They’ve probably never had a Fashion 101…yet.

We are not above the power of fashion. And, we always reiterate that fashion has the potential to make or break you. Stylish men’s bracelets in business networking events will impress people while bare wrists with business attires will not make a lasting impression.

However, back to the topic of who “these” people are which we mentioned above, from whom you can take fashion inspiration? Celebrities, of course! They are globe-trotting, fashion-promoting human beings who will teach you SO much about style as compared to you learning about it by reading an article on Google.

Celebrities already get a thumbs up in the department of fashion from a majority of news outlets, gossip columns and fashion magazines. So, why don’t we study our favorite male celebrities for a jiffy instead of only watching their movies?

While we are at it, let us revise the definition of a stylish man: he is a man who knows what he is going to wear, when and where. He knows how to amass an impressive collection of men’s accessories.

And, he will never laugh at the phrase men’s jewellery’.

All the stylish men who fit the above criteria are also the most influential Bollywood celebrities.

Now, buckle up, men, because you are going to learn how to observe small but unavoidable things in stylish Bollywood celebrities.

They maintain their clothes: 

Whether it is men’s formal shirts or men’s causal shirts, every stylish man compartmentalizes them according to color, occasion and fabric. He keeps each piece of men’s clothing in pristine condition so that it can stand the test of time and look dignified every time he wears it.

Ranbir Kapoor

Think back for a second: have you ever seen a Bollywood celeb step out in wrinkled and unkempt clothing? No, it is always ironed and most probably dry-cleaned.

If you want some visual inspiration, here is Ranbir Kapoor in a tuxedo. Look how evergreen he looks. Pay close attention to the way he stands. It seems like he is full of self-assurance and tranquility.

All this is because his stylist and their respective team made sure that his clothes were in the most presentable condition.

Now, don’t assume that we want you to hire a personal stylist. We just want you to work on little things such as proper maintenance of clothes.

They invest in the classics: 

Ranveer Singh

Stylish people will always invest in clothes that will have a charm forever. Whether it is summer or winter, these clothes will always adapt to the season while also looking like they were inspired from the latest edition of GQ.

Remember that classic pieces such as slim fit men’s shirts or men’s cufflinks can withstand any trend and even adapt to a completely unfamiliar trend almost instantly.

Behold Ranveer Singh looking extra fine in this formal men’s shirt. We like!

They keep it simple: 

Stylish people are rarely gaudy while dressing up. They prefer clothes that are pleasant, subtle and uncomplicated.

In the Tistabene household, we like to say that simplicity is the best policy when choosing clothes or accessories. So, stay at the side of style that is age-appropriate and fits your body type.

Men’s gold bracelets or men’s gold-plated chains scream ‘simple but classy’.

salman khan

Salman Khan is known to wear that unforgettable blue bracelet. Since he wears it everywhere, it adds a kind of trademark style to his personality. Here is photographic proof to remind you, in case you forgot.

They pay attention to detail: 

We know that this tip sounds vague but it isn’t. There is an entire protocol involved around getting ready. Some men are so particular while doing so that they become downright perfectionists at some point in the process.

Laying out your clothes the night before, deciding which men’s pendants will match their men’s shirts is an important element of getting ready.

Karan JoarIf it is a formal event they are going to be attending, they will choose men’s cufflinks that will streamline the most with their chosen outfit.

Paying extreme attention to detail so that they can look immaculate is what most Bollywood celebrities strive to do. And, this process is not only limited to formal shirts but also casual shirts as well as casual trousers.

Notice how Karan Johar always steps out without missing out on any detail; his hair is combed, suit is ironed and he has the confident stride of a person who knows about style.


These were the four main things to notice in stylish people. They may be small things but will help discover your distinctive style and transform you into a handsome man.

We know that observing such traits in people will take time but you will have to start from somewhere and as of now, deem Bollywood celebrities as reliable sources of style, fashion and grace.

Tistabene will be back with more such tips that will drastically change your sense of style and enhance your wardrobe at the same time.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for the most stylish people in your social circles, if you can.


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