Things To Do On Your Fairytale Date

A surprise fairytale date is one of the most awaited things in a girl’s life. Candle-lit dinners with aromatic surroundings at an exotic location, or maybe going on an altogether different track by simply spending time with each other hiking, playing and doing the things that you both love.

It is not necessary that you celebrate your Valentine’s Day like everyone else is doing, come up with your own spectacular ideas to enjoy the day. However, do take a look at some of our spectacular ideas and go for online jewellery shopping!


Outdoor Dining:

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Food was, is and will always be the dearest of all the things in life. If your girl is a foodie, take her out for a romantic dinner somewhere on the outskirts and if possible, beach-side maybe, where you can enjoy your dinner stargazing amidst the perfect setup of candles, and petals. You two can just relax on the beach-side hearing the soft music of the waves cohering with that of violin followed by a sumptuous dinner in the breezy night and that will be all to make your Valentine happy high.

And when an elegant gift like this one will make its presence in between your date, you can imagine the magic it will spread around you guys.


Watching the sunset together:

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As the different tones of yellow, orange and red fill up the sky, just hold her hand tight to promise the rest of your life with her. Ironically, the sinking sun will stand as a witness of your eternal promises to each other. Just when she is busy admiring this view, reveal the big moment you’ve been waiting for so long and propose to her with this International Style Channel Set Baguettes Solitaire Ring.


Cooking the meal for her:

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Take charge of her cooking responsibilities and prepare a surprise meal for her, be it a breakfast or dinner because it is always a massive surprise for a woman to see her man occasionally preparing meals for her. In addition, if this meal accompanies a gift then it will be an icing on the cake.


Watching the favorite movie together:

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How about an entertaining movie night under the moonlit skies at a drive-in theater or at some other place using the projector screen. Do you remember the date in Dostana, where John takes Priyanka out, literally out in his yard and watches a movie there lighting up the entire place in a fascinating manner? While you two are out, you can add a sparkle to her smile by gifting this stunning Valentine’s Day present.


Road Trip To Your Favorite Place:

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Road trips are such a thing that always fascinates our inner being. There is something so beautiful about it that somehow everything starts making a difference. Take your Valentine for a surprise road trip to some place green and beautiful. While she unwraps every token of your love for her, also give her the real gift of this stunning ring that will stand as a promise of togetherness for the rest of your lives.


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