Few Tips to Make You a Stylish Gentleman This Summer

Gentlemen in Summer

It is true that Summer 2020 has not started the way we envisioned. No one has been able to go out, to enjoy the sunsets and sip on some iced cocktails. People’s summer clothes have been sitting in their closets, staring at them in anticipation. The nationwide lockdown and COVID-19 can be held responsible for ruining this year’s summer.

But, hey. We are not complaining. Our safety is our priority but right after, comes fashion and several ways we can alter it to fit every season.

You see, summer is a tricky one. In winters, you can just layer up but in the summer, your ONE outfit should match and oh, it should match VERY well.

This is why Tistabene wanted to lend some helpful tips to the men out there to be more of a gentleman during the summer. A gentleman does not only pull out the chair for the lady and open the door for her. He also dresses in a way that makes him forget that the summer season can feel like a never-ending death sentence in clothes that are rough and scratchy.

A gentleman who can handle summer fashion with grace is a true gentleman. He will know all the tips and tricks to evade the hot weather, all while looking like the coolest dude in the room.

Ready to learn how you can be a gentleman in the summer? Here are our tried-and-tested tips for you:


If you are an office-going person and tempted to wear a suit every day because you think it will make you look incredibly professional, then, opt for suits made of cotton, linen or rayon as those are widely available these days. Abandon workwear that is made of heavy, synthetic material. Such clothing never absorbs sweat and ends up feeling like a burden.

If suits are not your thing and never have been, then, go for formal men’s shirts that are floral or slim-fit. Tuck them in straight-fit pants. Finish the look with a leather belt and a pair of cap-toe Oxfords.

Invest in printed men’s shirts that are subtle and soothing to look at. And, men’s shirts that come in muted colors such as cream, grey or blue are highly recommended.

When you wear such colors, you will feel light and ready to conquer the day.

Nothing gaudy or loud for an earnest working professional like you. And, definitely, no clothing that will make you feel weary or uncomfortable.


A drastic change in your closet is sure to turn heads. And, with Tistabene’s block print shirts, the transition will be that much more exciting.

Block print shirts are so chic, don’t you think? Adhering to the antiquated block printing textile technique that dates back to 300 years and adapts to today’s fast fashion as well. The combination could not be more perfect.

Bagru’s village and its inhabitants have continued with their legacy to keep block printing alive. And, it’s your job, as an aspiring Fashionista, to take this legacy forward.

Make sure to pick your favorite block print shirt. Not anything too crazy but something that gets your seal of approval the moment you look at it.

When styling a men’s block print shirt, wear jeans that do not have varied designs or bedazzling on it. Put on a pair of Chinos to give off a classy yet sincere vibe.

Block print is hard to pull off. But, we know that you can make it work, in the office and outside it.


Whether it is artificial chains for men or men’s necklaces, you can wear one every day for the remainder of the summer. Such men’s accessories elevate the look and before you know it, you will be singled out in the crowd for being a fashionable guy.

Jewellery is not always feminine. Men who wear jewellery understand its importance and the role it plays in making them look more dapper and handsome.

Even stylish men’s cufflinks that can be attached to the underside of any formal men’s shirt heighten the summer look.

When wearing full-sleeve shirts, roll up the sleeves to your elbows, put on a trendy men’s bracelet and your ensemble will look so much better. If you despise wearing full-sleeve shirts, you will love this summer-dressing tip!

Men’s fashion jewellery will also look fly with half-sleeve shirts. Your wrists will be emphasized more and compliment your personality.

If you are an animated person who is unafraid to experiment with fashion, go for a customized name pendant. This option is also valid for the sappy romantics out there who love to have the name of their partners around their necks and near their hearts forever.


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, face-masks for men and women have made a place in today’s fashion world. Before one could even count the number of Coronavirus cases, many brands and luxury designers had the idea of introducing face masks intended to protect its patrons from the lethal virus while looking sophisticated.

Good thinking on their part because face-masks can look chic with summer attire if you want them to.

Opt for cotton face masks that are pastel or light in color. Abstain from choosing face masks for men which have a lot of colors and patterns battling to see which one comes out as the more noticeable one.

Keep your men’s face masks in designated spots and alternate between three a week.

For us, safety comes before styling up. And, so, we would like you to wear a face mask whenever you go out as it will not only protect you from the infection but also serve as an anti-pollution mask to protect your skin.


Summer is full of sweat and if not taken seriously, can leave you with clothes that will never match up to it or the current trends.

Therefore, make the wise choice to go for men’s clothes and men’s accessories that are neither heavy nor too loud in appearance.

With the above tips, Tistabene is sure that you will make some mindful changes and additions to your current closet and become ready to enjoy the summer in style.


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