Trendy Ways to Style your Watch

Jewellery and women have been linked with each other overages, where women have largely adored trinkets ranging in all types, be it earrings, necklaces, bracelets or anklets. Surprisingly, these days, artificial jewellery is not only singularly appreciated, but it is also included or paired with different other mandatory accessories, such as with a classic watch design!

As we already know that women’s watches have become the latest fad, which is bound to get noticed, especially with large, look-at-me dials, glitter galore and more color than a king-size box of crayons. But, if it ever happened to come on your radar, nowadays, watches are mostly paired with bracelets, which indeed make for a great option since they engage well with most fashion styles.

Using various bracelet types, there are many trending ways to brace up one’s regular pattern of wearing a watch. As bracelets provide a sleek and elegant appearance, they can be easily accessorized with different attires. Also, they have an exotic attractiveness and shine that easily makes way into every women’s wardrobe.

However, the huge variety of styles and brands can be a bit confusing.

So, here are some tips that will ease out your confusion:

Luxury Watches + Modern Bracelets:

Women are mostly fond of luxury watches, also known as jewelry watches. Such watches are usually studded with stones, therefore, can be worn in the evening for special events.  The watch welcomes multiple ways to amp up its appearance. One of our favorites is by using a classic modern American diamonds work-wear bracelet.

Formal Watches + Baguettes Bracelet:

For any of the upcoming formal events, including your office party or an occasion when you wear a pant suit, go for formal watches and pair it with Classic Channel Set Baguettes Openable Bracelet. This pattern would not only make you look more feminine, but also sidelines the monotony of a formal outfit. The little bling of baguettes works wonderfully with formal wear as against the bold, chunky, cuff style or wide bracelet as they make your wrists look bigger.

Fashion Watches + Flexible Bracelet:

As fashion changes, so do women’s choices! Fashion watches are never too exaggerated and showy. These types of watches can easily be worn with the daily outfit. To take your everyday look a notch higher, you can pair your watch with a flexible Kundan polka bracelet. However, keep your routine attire sober by avoiding unnecessary glitz in routine accessories.

Sports Watches + Beaded Bracelet:

These watches are appropriate for women who are interested in sports and which form an important part of their routine activities. They are definite and have additional features for sports activities like water resistance. With a sports watch, you can adorn a multi-colored beaded stretchable bracelet to keep the vibrancy alive in the look. Also, you can layer two-three beaded bracelets according to your suitability.

So, try on these styles and shop on such more bracelets from our Tistabene portal, which houses an incredible, hand-picked collection of bracelets. Share your opinion with us on Instagram by tagging and using #Tistabene.






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