What to pick up for your next kitty party theme?

Kitty parties are a great way to keep in touch with your friends and take a break from the monotony of the routine. More so, it is a great way to acquire the collaborative savings when your turn for hosting comes up.

In fact, one can clearly notice a shift in the conduct of these kitty parties. From being organized at home to moving on to trying new venues and planning according to the theme, it has truly added a creative twist to these events. But with all this added a dose of fun and excitement, we cannot unnoticed all the planning and hard work that goes into its execution.

We understand how draining it can be to come up with new theme ideas, there here are a quick 4 suggestions that will make your party a gala event!


Dress Code: Ask everyone to dress up according to the styles of the 1950s to 1970s to make an exciting evening for the ladies in your kitty party. Bell bottom pants, jazzy tops and dresses, neon colors, polka dots are what you what you’re looking for this theme. In addition, style your hair into bouffant and voluminous updos. Accessorizing appropriate is also crucial. So, you must go with something like Ethnic Polki and Carving Stone Floral Designer Choker Necklace Set for the perfect getup.

Venue Décor: You can drape the seats and table with polka dotted covers. Get pop art photos printed and stick them on against the walls and tables. The lotto can also be of the same theme.


Dress Code: Get all your old anarkalis, ghagharas, shararas or heavily worked salwar suits out of the wardrobe because that’s what is going to give you the desired Mughal theme. This way, you can put all those worn out, rejected outfits to good use. Complete the outfit with polki and kundan jewelry and a jhoomar on your head.

Venue Decor: What you need to do is create a rich nawabi décor using handloom cushions. The ambience can be given the similar theme with dim lighting and candles, silver or copper colored lamps and artifacts to add an effect of Mughal themes.


Dress Code: Get into this theme by wearing the vibrant, colorful dye sarees, block printing or Bandhej, bandhini sarees and suits. The traditional Rajasthani ghagra choli are yet a great combination for your Rajasthani theme kitty party. Accessorize it with colorful stone pendant set.

Venue Décor: Amp up the room with mirror work umbrellas and using the mirror work cloth for sofas and seats. Props like cloth puppets, horses and elephants along with other Rajasthani artifacts will help you add the perfect Rajasthani themed element.


Dress Code: This theme will require everyone to put on the masks to show up for the kitty party. Although clothes won’t have much part to play, but accessorizing is always fun. So, go with the earrings that set you apart from everyone else.

Venue Décor: The colors of the seating and drapes can be arranged in black, white and red. Also, you can hang up masks of various types around the venue to give it a complete touch of masquerade theme party.

So, have the best choices on the plate for your party? Get ready to be a great host with the credits of a phenomenal party!


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